Monday, 10 January 2011

Gumbo, Start of Term & Whats a Poppin' on Steph's Desk Today?

Well hello there fellow rain-soaked travelers!
(If you are anywhere in Britain I can pretty much say that with conviction.)

Yesterday signaled the last day of freedom before term started again, and to celebrate all my housemates being back, I made a big ol' pot of gumbo, and we watched the princess and the frog!
I also danced around the kitchen listening to music from new orleans :)
Such a lovely day!
Tucking in was followed by a game of cluedo, that I won :) so all in all, a pretty damn good day.

Term started again with its usual talks and shooting down of ideas. The little book of Tea may well be postponed. I'm kinda sad about that... but that means I get to draw lots of animals this time! wahoo!
I really need to think of a concrete idea for it though, so it will be interesting.
I've been a bad person and decided to skip the Alan Male lecture this afternoon because after an hour of listening to people's ideas my head was hurting pretty badly. *I've suddenly gone deaf in one ear, and thus have to work 5 times as hard to hear with the other ear, and it affects my balance, and gives me big painful headaches! So that was more than enough listening for one day. Although I would have loved to hear YET ANOTHER talk on information illustration by Alan... I just couldn't face being bored to tears again. 

 So...the question is... Whats a Poppin' on Steph's Desk Today?

Well, from left to right and starting top row first... 
we have some beautiful garlic stuffed olives from 'All about Olives' in Falmouth,
A Gaiwan for brewing tea from 'The Essence of Tea' in Falmouth,
My paint palette from the past few paintings,
A (probably fake) bamboo tray from a set from the body shop,
And 2 tea bowls and a glass tea jug from 'The Essence of Tea' in Falmouth,
Atlas of Remote Islands- fascinating book, check it out...but I got it for cheaper in a second hand bookstore! Its only just come out too! *chuffed*
My NEW SOUP LADLE! Olive wood from 'All About Olives' in Falmouth
and finally, a dead cicada donated to me for studying purposes by the lovely Sam Bradbury!
Good desk all round! 

Whats on your desk?

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