Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cicada Progress, Deafness & Rumi

 I finally started painting the cicada, and this was done in one 2 1/2 hour session.
Oddly, I also went deaf in my right ear whilst painting and it wasn't until I stopped that I realised. Now I'm on antibiotics for the damn thing, probably an ear infection. But still, the show must go on, so it will be back to painting the cicada tonight.

 Normally artists use watercolour for this kind of painting, but I opted for gouache instead, as it can be watered down to the consistency of watercolour, but can also be used opaquely.
Plus I get fed up of building up layers of colour in watercolour because I'm too much of a pansy to put down bold colour. I think the rule of thumb is...if it works for you, it works and don't pay too much attention if its not the 'normal' media people use for something.

Oh, and this is Patch!
He's the lovely addition to our family, 19months old, Labrador Collie cross. Sleeps on my bed when im at home, and is a very welcome fuzzy hot water bottle/teddy bear.

I've recently discovered the 13th century persian sufi poet...Rumi.
He's got his head screwed on, and says some pretty true things, so check him out!
Hopefully we will have an update on the cicada tomorrow...but no promises! 

P.S... I made spicy Chicken, Prawn and Chorizo Gumbo... I'm a little bit proud, it tastes divine!

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