Friday, 7 January 2011

Cicada, Cicada & Cicada

Sounds like some creepy insect law firm, but no, its just some more updated progress photos of...
the cicada.
My back is killing me!
I've lost count of the hours... I think I started at 11ish? or maybe it was 9? Who knows! All I know is that its now 1.30am, and I am tired and satisfied. Hope you all feel the same about your days!

Sorry about the many *slightly* different photos, I am, as ever, indecisive at this time of night...or at any time really!

Over and out!


  1. Bloody fab Stephanie! Tell me about the back ache - is there any way of preventing this?! I had to stop after a 12 hour shift of painting (with an hour dinner/bath break) yesterday.

    You are getting better and better - thought you were pretty good anyway, but the practice is certianly making you incredible. Is that in watercolour or gouchae?

    Hope all is well in the SW :) Remember you are most welcome to stay at mine if you were ever wanting to hit the galleries of London! x

  2. Thank you! Back ache... I really wish there was! I think people should investigate making chairs for crazy hunched over artists in the hold of a marathon paint sesh. Definitely would have a market.
    It is all done in gouache, and compared to my tutor's work thats all done in watercolour, I think I prefer it.

    South West is all good, lovely sunny day, going to go feed the ducks and explore the woods!
    Thank you so much! I might have to take you up on that in the summer if you're around. How was India?!

  3. India was great - highly recommended, but I only did such a small part of it as it is rather huge! Want to go again really and do another bit :) I remember my mum told me that the painters in the Wedgewood factory used to have 'head rests' where they would literally have a support to rest their foreheads on and that saved their necks - might try and mock one up!

    Also, just wondered, but have you seen this website:

    Amazing tea for sale and I know you like your teas. There was a shop in Winchester, but you can buy it online too.

    Don't work too hard :) x

  4. ooh thanks! That site looks awesome!