Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Life Painting, Tea & Cake

It would appear that after that ferocious amount of blogging last week, that I am slowing down a bit now and starting to feel that I probably would never be able to keep on blogging such long posts daily. So it's back to the relatively regular posts instead of the daily. 

We did life painting this week instead of drawing, which was a lovely change of pace and I very self-indulgently did it in oils, as I never seem to have the opportunity to use them in my day to day work. I'd like to do some small studies though, so maybe that will happen someday.
Here's the finished painting, I spent most of the time painting the torso, and as usual thats the part im most happy with. It seems like I always leave the head until last, and that sadly affects the overall painting...the face being one of the first things people look at. I'd love to do a torso series, get into all those twisting muscles and shadows, lumps bumps and recesses. 
Still, not bad for 6 hours work.

sorry for gradually zooming in on the breasts! haha! I think the colour in reality is somewhere in-between the two close-ups. 

My book finally arrived today! Luka and the Fire of Life... looks beautiful! Niroot Puttapipat designed the cover. Amazing illustrator. 

I went and had sushi and tea with some of the guys from my course today, that was lovely. Then went to stones bakery to fill up on cake. Beautiful.
I might take a walk around the coast later, work permitting, then I have yoga in the evening. Brilliant day!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Shakespeare, Jazz & Other Natural History Artists

Hello there! I've not been too bad at this frequent blogging! We'll see if I can keep it up, even if it is just showing you some fabulous artists and not producing anything myself.

So I've had to budget myself now that I am working at the carehome very rarely. I pretty much have no money, and if you count what I owe my mother...well, you could say I am very much in a lot of minus moneys. I'm looking at creating an etsy store, as I keep on telling you guys... I just have no idea really what I would sell. However, earlier on this week I had an offer from a new gallery in town who would be willing to sell some of my prints or work, so I might dig out the old kingfisher prints as a test and see what he can do with them. All in all, I'm back to creating soups, trying not to eat a great deal, but while exercising too, so I reckon I'll be stocking up on canned beans and filling things that aren't too bad instead of all the deli produce that has been lining my fridge recently. While chorizo, cheese, chutney and olives are fabulous, I don't think they're doing amazing things for my waistline, nor my wallet for that matter.

Went to the lovely shakespeare themed party for my friends birthday, and had a beautiful time.
I am now the proud owner of a book of jazz poems... some are downright strange.

Ok, so artist of the day who I have been trying desperately to find out about to no avail is...
Inga Marciukaityte
A brilliant painter who inspires me to perhaps take natural history illustration down a slightly different path. 

I'd love to learn her technique, but well, that would be copying now, wouldn't it? 
Next blog installment is going to be about Ralph Thompson...if I remember.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

More Herzog, Bob Kuhn & CICADA FINISHED!!!

More from Mr.Herzog from the last post, or more should I say... Mark Anthony Yhap.

ok, enough! sorry for that, he's just has such a brilliant voice.

Ok, so the artist for this post is Bob Kuhn, another of my favorites. I've probably shown him to you guys before, but well, humor me.
All images copyright Bob Kuhn

 My favorite is the jaguar :)

 And now, roll up for the main event!!! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you... 
The finished Cicada!!!!

15-17 hours of good hard work, and I couldn't be more pleased.
Now all that's left to do is show it to my tutor and get some harsh feedback!

Pycna repanda
Himalayan Cicada

I'm sorry for all the images, as per usual its that time of night where decisions don't come so easy.

Alright! Thats all of them! PHEW! Now time for a shower and some well deserved tea and toast!
Guyaba jam...nom nom nom

Wolfgang Weber, Frogs & Lost Land of the Volcano

I discovered an amazing wildlife artist today through another blog, link 
Wolfgang Weber never paints from photos, and does many sketches/paintings in field. Most if not all of his paintings are of wild animals. The movement, energy and emotion he can capture in his work is simply phenomenal. I was blown away by how well he can capture fleeting moments in his minds eye and reproduce it with such accuracy and feeling. I can only aspire to be able to see and translate images the way he can. 

There are several documentaries about him that I can't find anywhere... so if anyone comes across them while hunting, if they can link me to it that would be amazing. And I shall do likewise if I find it first. 
The documentaries include: 
'A Brush With Nature' 
'Drawn to the Wild'
both created by Götz Dieter Plage

He also has some fantastic books... one I fear may be only a limited run.
If anyone has or knows of a copy that someone is willing to sell, then I would definitely be interested.
The book is called 'Wolfgang Weber Wildlife Impressions' by AVES publications.
Its so good... but so out of reach!
Alright, here's his work!
of course, all images copyright Wolfgang Weber.

now isn't that something?

Frog research is coming along, I've done most of it before, so thats handy, and apparently we don't have to write an entire book in 4 weeks, we just need to design it, and give a rough idea of what the text would be about. (I'm hoping) else I sure have picked a massive project to tackle.
If I don't have to write anything too grand, I may well start artworks next week! Get as much done for it as I physically can.

Talking about physical limits... I've been watching Lost Land of the Volcano again, an absolutely breathtaking documentary on Mount Bosavi and the surrounding area in Papua New Guinea. If you take a look at the jungle lab, you can get an idea of the conditions I was working in in Ecuador. I love that kind of living, and I quite frankly can't wait to get back out into the field...somewhere. I think I may have to pick another continent before going back to South America so as I don't feel like I'm betraying Ecuador. Papua is on the top of the hit list, and Borneo or anywhere with jungle really. I'm thoroughly intrigued by Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia/Indonesia/Micronesian Islands too, and I'm stunned into silence by the mountain formations in the Yunnan province of China. Madagascar is also a hot spot for excitement about beautiful places/animals in my mind. I can't wait to explore!
I miss the jungle far too much. It is the place I feel most in existence. Like I am actually there in the real world, experiencing life how it is meant to be, a rugged dog eat dog existence.
There's a good man called Werner Herzog and his description of the jungle is intense... and all of it is meant as a compliment! Now there is a man who doesn't shy away from the ugliness of life, but embraces it. 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cicada 3/4, Yoga & Flower Tea

We're getting somewhere... only the last 1/4 to go! 
I'm really pleased with how its coming out... I hope my tutor will be pleased, as I'm pretty chuffed with this first attempt! 

I think next I want to do a fruit bat or a lizard of some kind. Hopefully I'll get to do the latter in my information project. I'm actually really excited about doing my project on the frogs of the amazon... I've only had to wait nearly 2 years to do it! And hopefully its only a stepping stone for something a bit bigger.

Ok, here we go!

I think the running total on time is now up to 10-12 hours.

Yoga has started up again which is brilliant, and I'm off to that tonight.
I sadly broke the top of my new teapot! But thankfully managed to superglue it back on without it looking too horrendous. I bought some flower tea today, tastes alright...might be an acquired taste, I haven't made my mind up yet.

On a very side side note... here's some of my photography from Ecuador the first time around.

top to bottom- praying mantis, blue footed booby, blue footed booby egg, and a hoatzin!

Over and out!

Sketchbook, On with Painting & Gary Long

I just thought I'd show you a page of my sketchbook from yesterday. Sometimes I promise myself that I will paint or draw every day... sometimes you just can't force yourself, and there is no need to. I find juggling my interests hard sometimes, as I'm sure we all do... but I seem to have picked everything that needs time. For example in any one day I can be painting/drawing, learning more songs on the guitar, singing, writing, at yoga class, brushing up on my Spanish, or learning all about tea or the rainforest. There are so many things I love to do... its hard to cement them all in a solid habitual practice. So I have to be patient with myself, and take the impulse to do whichever one of those I want to do. I also like sleep, so sometimes that gets done too. I feel like a person that requires a lot of sleep, and so I don't tend to be up until ridiculous times in the morning unless I get involved in a painting and I lose track of time...because I just can't get up early the next day and function properly. I think being a good artist is getting a good balance of rest and relaxation, a good amount of practice, and a good amount of just being in the world getting inspiration that your art can feed off. 
Anyway, back to the matter in hand... my sketchbook page.
I might post up some more sketchbook work if people are interested, I'll have to see what I've posted here in the past so as I'm not boring everyone.

This is my new soup ladle...just a spontaneous drawing whilst discussing with Will at what age would we both prefer to die, and how. 
Such a morbid topic...but you can really tell things about a person from these kinda things.
Ok, last subject is Mr.Gary Long, who I am privileged to have teaching my life drawing classes. An illustrator for many years, he made the move to teaching and painting and living off that income. 
A very talented man, and I feel like I have learned a lot from his classes.
He has a few styles which I will endeavor to show here.

I think the style I love the most is the blockier more colourful work. I'll be sad to see Gary leave in June/July, I can only hope he will create his own life drawing classes in the Falmouth area. 
I don't know what is happening to this course... it seems to be sacrificing far too much for far too little. I can only hope that my other lifeline Rachel is kept on. 

Thats all for this rainy afternoon!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Life Drawing, All the Models are called Robert...apart from Andy & New Teas

Life drawing today was good, new model Robert is pretty good! The only male models that have been good thus far are 2 Roberts and an Andy. Still, here's the work from today!

Line drawing 20-30 mins

Portrait 20-30 mins

 Line drawing 

 Blind contour

 blind contour using both hands... orange for the left, blue for the right. 

2 minute gesturals

I also received my new glass teapot and teas today... there was one that tasted of aniseed which was rubbish. But the rest were alright, and the blooming dragon flower tea was beautiful! I will take a photo of the flower unfurling in the teapot next time I have it.

other than that, its back to work as per usual! Yoga starts again tomorrow, so I'm hoping that will ground me a bit. 
Looks like I'm going to be doing a project on the frogs of the amazon for the next 4 weeks! Hurrah! :)
I'm looking forward to it! 

Off to bed and to start reading my new Elizabeth Gilbert book!