Friday, 17 December 2010

Tea Time, Scanning & Inspiration Book

Ok, no new drawings or paintings today, thats because... number one, I've been rather lazy. Number 2 I've been out drinking tea and marveling in the wonderful aesthetics of people with hail in their hair, braced against the cold. Number 3... I've been working relentlessly...this evening on scanning in images from illustration contact books and popping them onto my computer so as I can start compiling my very own 'Inspiration Book'. I'm going to put into it any artist that I admire... for whatever it may be about their work.
It may be the colours they use, the media, the subject matter, or all 3 wonderfully combined to make me drool.

I find it hard to sift through all the wonderful artists I find and have locked away in a file within a folder within 8 million other folders so that naturally I can't find them again. What I really wanted was a physical book of artists I admire, without having to sift through all the garbage that invariably comes in some of those illustration contact books. So, its a refining of sorts, and I'm sorry that it comes at the cost of paper and ink. I'd love to find a miraculous system that would organize all the artists into a book online that I could flick through, but I guess in the absence of that then the physical will have to do. I know you can make books online with booksmart etc, but I like to be able to open a book, and take it around with me without the requirement of electricity. So perhaps in some round-about way I can cancel out my paper usage by not having to be on the computer so much. 

Does anyone have any good ways that they keep their inspiring artists around them? Please share your ideas here!

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