Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Four Brothers, Neutral Norway & James Gurney's Colour and Light!

It's finally here! And altough you may be dreading that the next line in my blog is christmas related, I can assure you that it is not! There shall be no more mention of that word just yet. But lo! James Gurney's new book 'Colour & Light' graced my doormat with its presence! (my doormat at home unfortunately.) Still, I'm going back this weekend to pick it up and also to see my new dog Patch! Pictures coming soon! He's a labrador collie cross, 18 months old and adorable. 
Check out Colour & Light and order it immediately! Its on amazon, or you can order from James Gurneys own shop. Its a must have for anyone who is serious, or very un-serious in their painting! I can't tell you enough to go and buy this book, it is the next part in a painters bible of sorts! 

My oh my this childrens book is coming along. I'm just starting to get into the swing of it, and its all winding down! Typical. Oh, and I managed to figure out how to use foreign script on here accidentally! So here is 'The Four Brothers' in what I hope is hindi. थे फौर ब्रोठेर्स! 
Here's a few of the paintings I have done for it.

The King 
(a little too orange faced and beard is a bit too messy. If I have the time, I'm going to go back and correct this!)

Peruvian Lily... 

 The tracedown sketch of one of the pages

 The final completed painting (uncropped to show you guys that I never really work with a clear edge as I prefer the look of it this way. Either way, if it were to be reproduced it would be put onto a computer and cropped that way)

 My new desk in my new room in my new house! Desk and set of drawers are from Ikea... sadly just a tad too small to fit some of the larger format paper I have in them! But still, extremely good. I'm a rather messy person (on my walls at least) I like to have my inspiration just strewn around me. I have a rest wall, that when I'm tired of looking at beautiful imagery all day, I can just stare at a nice white space and a wall hanging with the symbol om on it.

Our entire house participated in Neutral Norway... which I think was an amazing feat considering most days we can't even get the entire house in to university, let alone make them prepare work for an exhibition. Nevertheless, we achieved it, and here are a few photos from the night.

 A selection from the house
Top left- My painting of max
2nd Row left- Will Grill etching
2nd row right- Finn Clark digital portrait
3rd row left- Will Grill lino cut of Barney the dog.

 Mr William Grill himself, and at the very top, 2 handmade (collages?) using cellulose thinners and own drawings by Harry Tennant.

 Oil Painting rub back by me, and the 2 pieces above by Arthur Hamer.
I sadly didn't get any photos of Gillian Hibb's work, but I can assure you they were amazing!

Afterwards, this man played us a few ditties on the piano. However, I think this was a picture of him playing the piano and the violin...at the same time...while singing. The evening was pretty special, and that just capped it all off! Hats off to the Neutral Norway organisers, and all the other artists,
including all of us at No.9 Wellington!

This is Scruffy... not my dog, but Harry's. Gorgeous little fox terrier came to stay for the weekend and we took her to the woods in Flushing where we found a tree swing!

 Monkey boy Will
with fascinated onlooker Arthur
Arthur having his very own go, and Harry (the hat) Tennant looking on!

and to end on a random note...
 Have you ever seen two boxers driving a car?

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