Thursday, 16 December 2010

Day of blissful peace, The Mission & Using things around the house

What a wonderful day! (The weather has been terrible outside, so I have been rather content in the confines of the house, all alone, not a soul in sight, not a soul haranguing me on my telephone, just bliss.
So what did I do with all that time and all that space to myself? 

The first part of the day was mainly spent cleaning myself and the kitchen. Then there was a rather large part of the day dedicated to drinking tea, and reading a book about it while taking notes which are largely useless. But that was an enjoyable part of the day nonetheless. Next part included making a delicious curry, the second part, eating it whilst watching 'The Mission' starring Jeremy Irons and Robert DeNiro. 

Last half of the day has been spent painting a plant in the house (Geranium maderense) and making it look like palm trees on a faraway island. Much fun! I'm going to try taking normal household objects and using them in studies, yet turning them into something else. 
Its good practice, and keeps your imagination working at the same time so you don't just get bored with the same old... 'ah, well now i've painted a jug. Lovely.'

So here it is, with its life counterpart

Go try it for yourself! 
Normal object-abnormal situation

*in gouache - colours used:
Cadmium Yellow,
Permanent White,
Burnt Sienna,
Olive Green,
Primary Blue,
Payne's Grey

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