Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Life Drawing, Andy & Bethany

 Some life drawing from the past few weeks, and a bit of a rant at the bottom of the page about the changes that have happened in relation to life drawing and the budget cuts.

So it looks like the administration in our university are now in charge of what life drawing models. Not to mention that also, this year the life drawing room is so small you can't comfortably fit in 30-40 people, and make them draw without it somehow breaching human rights.  Fashion took over the illustration life drawing room to use it as a classroom. Admin tried to unfairly dismiss the wonderful Gary Long, as he came to retiring age at the end of the last university year. I know there are budget cuts, and things seem to be on a knife edge at the moment, but admin seem to be doing some very strange things. I don't know what purpose sacking Gary would have, as they would need to hire another person with less experience and knowledge, and they would probably have to pay them the same rate. I thought that all the courses that did life drawing also used our life drawing room, and therefore it was beneficial to keep it. It appears that we will now only ever have 2 life drawing models... one man named Andy, and a shy girl (new to life modeling). I don't really understand why we aren't using any of the models from last year, as they have experience, and it wasn't as if we didn't have a good few to choose from. Im glad for the new man, he seems to have experience, and holds really interesting poses. The girl, (I wish her all the best, she seems lovely, and what im about to say has no reflection on her at all) is new to life modeling, rather shy and self conscious, and because of this, it affects all the poses. I can appreciate it is hard for her, but at the same time, I don't know why they have hired someone with no experience when we had a good run of women for life modeling who had experience. It all seems counter productive, and detrimental to our education within illustration. The size of the room means that we now have to split into 2 groups, and have half a day each. We have been invited to stay, if we wish, for the whole day, but the exercised would simply get repeated again. This doesn't then allow for longer poses, and I struggle, even with my passion for life drawing, to haul myself to the afternoon session when I know it will be the same again. It is a shame, and I hope other people feel the same way. I don't know how we are going to tackle the problem of when we get to what would have been full day oil paintings.  I really hope Gary Long will set up his own life drawing classes, but even then, I doubt it would allow for a full 6 hour painting session. Life drawing underpins all drawing related to figures, even if in a naive style, you still need to know how the body moves and looks in different poses otherwise your work won't be so believable.  It is essential to our practice as illustrators, and a damn shame that it is suffering so much.

Sorry about the rant, and I hope you liked the life drawing!
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  1. I love your pastel drawings. I've followed your blog since you started at Falmouth i think and youre drawing is so much better and just brillianttt! Thanksf for sharing