Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Halloween, Tea Classes & Pantone Mug

Yes I know Halloween was now a while ago... but here is one obligatory picture:
Me and my boyfriend for the night (the fetching one in red)... Eduardo.
Happy day of the dead! Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

ok, so now that thats out of the way, we can get back down to business.

Our lovely house this year has about 4 apple trees in the back garden... 2 eating apple trees, and 2 cooking apple trees. All of the eating apples are now gone, but the cooking apples remain. We can't make apple pie or crumble all the time, as we'd all end up as tremendous fatties! So I made a little basket (or sign), and I fill it up with fresh apples most days when not raining, only ones that haven't started to be eaten by little creatures... and then I put it outside the house! It certainly makes me feel good... they don't go to waste and people get free tasty apples to make into yummy winter warming desserts! 

Outside our porch :)

The sign reads- FREE! cooking apples (fresh from the tree) (Please don't take my basket!) Enjoy your apple crumble/pie etc!

My good deed every now and then.

I have started attending tea classes at 'The Essence of Tea' every Monday night at 7-9pm... they also do a class at the same time on Wednesday nights.
This time we were given an introduction, and we tasted 8 different teas several times each. Some really beautiful teas. I was surprised to find that hot water tasted really sweet after tasting the teas!

I am taking many notes as I go along, and have handmade a book, and done a small watercolour painting for the cover. In the end I hope to condense my notes and add illustrations to it, as a tasting guide to teas in the shop, or as a general overview to tea with some interesting facts. Just to please myself really, or perhaps I will in future use it as the founding for my information illustration project.

The book, along with some sweet little gourds/squashes/pumpkins that I bought to use as still life subjects.

I highly recommend going to have tea (and now sushi) from 'The Essence of Tea' in Falmouth run by David and Kathy Collen. A lovely couple, absolutely beautiful shop, and great tea!

Last but not least... I bought a pantone mug today! Lovely olive green! Gorgeous! I shall forever drink in style now. They have a range of colours, though not as big as I had hoped really! You can find them online at various places.

Ok, thats that, next post is lifedrawing from the past 3 sessions.
Cya in a bit!

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