Friday, 5 November 2010

Back! Summer sketches & Scanner

Finally! A new scanner has been sent to me as a replacement for the broken one. Thank I can actually show you guys what I was up to over summer!

 Blue Footed Boobies

 Mariposas del Mindo- Chrysalises

 Butternut Squash & Salon

 Casa Hood-Ecuador

 Chilies and Home Garden

 The Coffee Tree and Square in Quito Old Town

 Cows from Humshaugh- Near Newcastle

 People and Food in Ecuador (Otavalo and Quito)

 Hugito- Old Man that lives in Coco Bar-Canoa.

 Owl Butterfly- Mindo

 A Drawing from a little girl named Jeni Gaola Tenelemanuño. Apparently the panda is me, and i'm about to fall into the sea. How lovely!

 Pizzeria El Tigrillo- Mindo

 A Plane at Texas Airport- I had 7 hours to kill before I flew, and boy did they go slowly.

 Pooka and Mica, my bestest buddies from my trip. I wanted to adopt them both... They used to fight all day and then sleep curled up together. Pooka had amazing huge ears, and Mica was the fattest little kitten I have ever seen.

 Sheep in Newcastle

 Max and a Tiger... from when I got home

Yachana Lodge before I got sent home on the first canoe at daybreak.

So there we have it guys! A brief snapshot of my holiday in Ecuador, I'm hoping to get my reportage skills up to scratch before I attempt Barcelona. 

More posts coming soon! Maybe with photos from the trip, life drawing from this year and some other goodies. 

see you soon!

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  1. i love your drawings, its nice to see sketches of my country Ecuador from another point of view.