Monday, 11 October 2010

Its Been Too Long! Back to Fal & First Week of the Second Year

Alright, alright! So I said I'd write my blog like a good little girl when i was on my travels with lots of interesting sketches and such... I'm sorry to say I did no such thing. Though there are some sketches, but not nearly as lovely as I'd hoped they would be. I really hope I can loosen up my plein air painting style... or at least develop it first... so as its actually competent and so as I can actually get some good paint sketches out of it. So I should probably start now, and get out my paints every day, huh? Well yes I would love to... but I'm scared! You know, what if I'm not good enough, and all that tosh. Well, I'll never learn if I don't get down to it! So I'd better take the plunge sooner rather than later! Maybe I'll take some paints to life drawing tomorrow for the long pose at the end and see what I can come up with... By that time of the day I'm so fed up with drawing that it could be a good change of pace! 

So Ecuador was amazing, I'm going to sift through some photos and post them here asap. Though theres a lot to go through! I'll also be uploading some amazing footage of whales, hummingbirds and butterflies. 

But for you now, I present for the first time in ages, some of my work... One of the results from the latest conceptual thinking brief. Given an object, mine was 'Office Equipment' and I came up with some environmentally related concepts.

Just a little bit to do with the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

I will also be scanning in some sketchbook pages and uploading them VERY soon! I promise! Theres just so much to do, but with my amazing new portable hand held scanner, Im hoping that its just going to be that much faster!

Ok, enough boring you, but here are some good artists to check out...
An old favorite: Anders Zorn-
(get past the naked ladies and it gets better in taste, trust me.)

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida-

John Singer Sargeant-

So there you go lovelies! I hope to make this blog a lot more interesting instead of my constant whining like last year! Im now living in a house of lovely people, and despite my break up with Max the Ecuadorian, I'm feeling rather good! Things are moving FORWARD, finally.