Friday, 2 July 2010

Hayfever, Travels & The Holy Grail of Water Pots

Hey there! With it being just over a week until I leave for Ecuador, I thought I'd give you an update. I wish I could give you a better update with lots of sketchbook spreads and things, but my scanner is still in its packing case. Still, I have a day full of nothing tomorrow, and the same on Tuesday, so maybe I'll get my butt into gear and do that for you.

The British summer is once again trying to kill me...hayfever is rife, and i have turned into a snot bucket. There have been many cures suggested to me... including the old faithfuls like honey and some good old hayfever tablets. Yet none as strange as a new found cure, said to work 'rather well' by some of my work colleagues. It is in fact a 2 pronged LED light that you shove up your shnoz, and whack the on switch. It apparently emits 2 wavelengths of light, thus stimulating some cells while repressing the histamine producing cells that make me sneeze because of pollen. As yet, it is hard to tell if it works. All I know is that I look like Rudolph when I use it for the 3min suggested period. Photos to come, most definitely. 

Travels... yes, the countdown is on! 11 days to go until I head to london, 12 until I fly and 13 until I see Max again! Crazy times! And I'm crazy nervous... wouldn't you be if you hadn't seen the guy you love in over a year? Paranoia such as... do I look alright? Have I gained weight? Can I speak enough Spanish? Have I changed? Has he changed? All those kinda things. Still, all I can do it go out and meet destiny head on, and if it is meant to be, it is meant to be. If not, then I get a good friend, a good holiday, some heartbreak, but a good experience.

Now onto the main secret I have been meaning to tell people for ages. All you artists... have you yearned for the perfect water pot? Has it constantly evaded you? Well now I bring to you the very versatile...multi purpose water pot of your dreams. Have you ever thought... boy, i sure hate having to carry around an extra container, and something to hold my paints in? 
Well search no more! The day has come! Get down to your local supermarket right now!
And purchase yourself a pot of feta cheese. 
Apetina is the brand... and this is not a water pot for a one night stand. Oh no baby! This is the water pot of a lifetime.
It comes complete with inner basket... which also hooks onto the rim of the pot. Now you can store your paints inside the basket, and inside the pot when there is no water in it, handy, compact, portable.
And when it comes to whipping up an artwork in seconds, you can remove the inner basket, and fill with water. Hands too full? Place the basket on the rim of the pot... your paints remain dry, but there is still space for you to fit your brushes down the side to clean them! Perfect!

Could you ever wish for more?

Feta cheese included.

Over and Out!

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