Monday, 19 July 2010

Ecuador, Yachana & Baños

Hey there! So I´m in Ecuador. Its pretty darn nice here, and all the bugs think Im delicious! I arrived on Wednesday night at around 11pm Ecuador time, so in England, having left at 8ish in the morning, I would have arrived the next day around 5 in the morning. Some crazy amount of travel! Still, La Casona de Mario is as lovely as ever, but I didn´t see Mario, and I didn´t see the other, less fluffy dog :( my favorite. I hope she is ok!
Off to Tena it was! A 6 hour journey made easier by having a lovely lady from the peace core called Lorel to talk to. In Quito there are now 2 bus stations, and typically the one I needed was literally the other side of the town. Took about half an hour to get there in a taxi, so you can imagine. Tena is hot! Steamy infact. Met up with Max, that went well, and went and had a drink with him and his friend Mauricio in the Spider Bar. Some crazy guy came and tried to pick a fight with Mauricio, saying... oh yeah, you speak kichwa, you speak spanish, you speak english? Well I do all the same, and I have an English girlfriend, so I´m not looking for women. Haha. Yeah whatever crazy man! He was quickly dispatched by some smooth talking from Mauricio. Some crazy drinking ensued, and soon I´d had more than my share. Back to the hotel room! The next day, my head was pounding, and I hadnt eaten much the previous day either. At midday, went to the ceviche bar, and filled up our fuel tanks. Then off to Los Rios to get a canoe to Yachana. At the bus station, met Don Magnus (YAY) for anyone that knows who I´m speaking of. For anyone that doesn´t, he´s a crazy canoe driver that ALWAYS wears shorts... except this time, no shorts! WHAT_!_!__¨?=! So we get to Los Rios, after 4 hours, and hop on a canoe to Yachana, its a lovely clear evening and we put my stuff in a room, and then go to meet Max´s brother. Talked for a while, had dinner, and went to sleep. The next day I´m just pottering about all day, painting, helping in the kitchen when Hugo the other manager gets back. He asks lots of questions, basically I was meant to ring him BEFORE I got to Yachana, not speak to him when I got there. Nevermind. He calls Karina anyway, and the game is up before it even started. Although it was a lovely one day in Yachana with Yolanda the parrot trying to eat my feet, I´m due to leave ASAP in the morning. Goodbye Yachana and that stretch of the river forever. Back to Tena for me, didn´t get to say goodbye to Max. Stayed at Brisa del Rio again. Had a boring afternoon to scared to do much, and still recovering from shock of causing a scene at Yachana. It was a Sunday so pretty much everywhere was closed. I went and had ceviche again, and then went back to the hotel room to fall asleep to Shrek in Spanish.
Today! Monday, decided to head to Baños where there is actually something happening and where I can meet lots of lonesome tourists like myself. Or at least where I can go and walk somewhere pretty. I had a nice bus journey with some lady heading to Puyo... she was going to buy some moulded glass panels for above her door because they didnt sell them anywhere else nearby. I gave her some grapes and we talked a while. Its nice to try and speak to people, and its nice that they don´t mind my bad spanish... seriously, I thought I knew more than I did! Its all gone!

Ok, thats a lot for me to write! I´ll let you guys go now... so for a while I´m in Baños til the end of the month unless I can tag along with someone else to somewhere new!

Ciao guys! Take care!

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