Sunday, 11 July 2010

60th Blog, Travel Jitters & Wine in a Teacup

So I'm off on Tuesday... only 2 more sleeps to go and I'll be off to Laandan to stay the night before I fly. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm so so so so scared. Not about flying, not about getting to the meeting point, not about my crap Spanish knowledge... nothing like that. It is very strange to finally be going... as I'm sure I've said before. It feels unreal... like I'm just dreaming. Lets hope its a dream and not a nightmare. Still, no matter what, I hope I make more friends out there, and I hope I have an amazing experience. I'm sure I will, there's pretty much no way to escape good experiences in Ecuador. :)

I'm taking a car to a station, a coach to an airport, a bus to a hotel, a bus to an airport, a plane to Texas, another plane to Ecuador, a taxi to a hotel, a taxi to a bus station, a bus through the mountains to a jungle town, a bus to Los Rios, a canoe to the lodge. 

Thats a lotta travel, and totals a solid 36 hours of travel time, spread over 4 days.

So... I'm sat here, pondering about everything, whilst drinking wine from a china teacup.
It has come to this to try and get me to sleep at a normal time!
There's nothing like being overtly British.

So lets think positively! It it my 60th blog after all! I'm afraid I still have no pictures to show you just yet... but expect many if i can upload while away! 

My skype name is stephanieayres7
so if im on skype in the next 2 1/2 months, give me a call! 

especially on my birthday (16th Sept)
will hopefully throw a birthday do when I get back :)
p.s- I'm excited to see my house for this year!

chao, seeya in 2 1/2 months!

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