Friday, 4 June 2010

New Oils, Missing W Key & Nearly Done!

Ok, a new painting in oils was finally done... or at least for the most part. I still need to do something fancy with fabric and a background. So you guys will get an updated photo of it when it is done :)
But for now, you're going to have to do with partway because I want to show people :)

Hope you like! 

On another note, hello to all the people who are viewing this through Meta-Agora, a new online newspaper covering creative practices! There's some pretty neat stuff there at the moment, so check it out!
Thanks again Sam for including me on this one :)

I have lost the W key on my keyboard! It just upped and left last week.

I'm nearly finished with my first year studying Illustration at Falmouth University College of Art! The year has gone by quite quickly, but also quite slowly! We've all done so much this year it is actually incredible to think just the amount we've accomplished. Going back over my work for the year is quite eye opening. This year I have completed 4 editorial pieces, 2 essays and 3 other HACS pieces. Lots of small colour studies, a mountain of life drawing work, 2 oil rub backs, 2 full colour oil paintings, 2 gouache portraits, 4 full colour watercolour paintings, an entire book, 4 or 5 sketchbooks, an entire book of visual experimentation, a poster and am in the process of illustrating another book!

Phew! I'm tired just typing that! And I'm sure I've forgotten something else that we've done.
So I want to say congrats to all my fellow course peoples in achieving an incredible amount this year! Now onto the next year!

I'm looking forward to my trip to Ecuador even more now, as I have recently discovered that I won't be spending 2 weeks on my own at all, but I will be seeing my lovely fella Max the day after I land! It involves a 6 hour coach trip through the mountains to the jungle, but hey, thats what love is all about. So it is going to be a jam packed 3 days of traveling! 5 hours to London, 18-20 hours to Ecuador, and then a 6 hour coach ride to Tena! To collapse into the arms of my man :)
Ah its like a crazy romance novel! Kinda like Romancing The Stone. :D
 So I'm going overkill on happiness and excitement at the moment. Only 6 weeks more and I can see him, and Ecuador and all that I have missed this past year again. I have fallen in love with the Jungle and the amazing country... I can't wait to move there.

Thats it for now! Take care!

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