Friday, 21 May 2010

Summer, Book & Hospital

I've finally got the book back, and have photographed it for you! I also received my marks for it, and I got 83%, a first! Woo!

So there we go! 'To Make an Amblongous Pie' completed.
The portraits of Max and me, in my studio space. :D
 Not long now, I just have to stop worrying and thinking the worst.

Summer is here! I've had a lovely day at the beach just relaxing and paddling in the freezing water, and feeling sticky from suncream. 

Hospital was ok, they took a biopsy (basically hole-punched my arm) and will get back to me with an appointment for treatment sometime. I'm going to be spending 21 days up at hospital in London. Grrreat. I'm not looking forward to this at all, but I won't have any uni work to think about hopefully. Fingers crossed the hotel they put me up in has free wi-fi! Else I'm going to be VERY bored. 

Up next... life drawing from the past 2 sessions.

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