Friday, 21 May 2010

Life Drawing, Leaving Early & Blah

Geoffrey (who isn't allowed back due to unmentionable reasons!)

and Miriam

So im leaving early from uni to go to hospital for 21 days. I don't want to go, and I just want to concentrate on getting fit and healthy and losing some I was. But no, I've gained weight again, and there's no sign of my foot getting better in the next week or 2. Great. 
I'm pretty fed up with everything at the moment, I just want to go to my exercise classes. For once in my life I was actually feeling good about myself and fitness. 

The pattern in my day now seems to be... go and socialize during the day at university, not do any work... then go home, shower, eat and not do any work. Instead, just spend the evening moping and complaining. Im annoying myself, and Im sure I'm annoying others. 

Anyway. Onwards and meandering somewhere.

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  1. Amazing, I wish I could draw humans like that Steph - you have so much talent!