Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ex Votos, Retablos & Whatever Else They're Called

New painting guys! Albeit a very quick one, its the other half to the portrait of Max. I still need to add to each of the paintings, some writing and a connection in the images. But, we're getting there! And I'm glad to have painted something this weekend. 

I apologize for the bad scan of the painting. I normally photograph them, but I've left my little camera's charger at home, and won't be able to retrieve it until next weekend.
So whats it all about? Why is my face a skull? And a bear's skull at that?
Well two reasons really... I hate painting myself as myself and have chosen the bear as an animal representative of me. Skull? Cuz I like em. And it has to match up with Max's portrait. Took me maybe 3 hours...and it really shouldn't have taken me that long, but I have trouble mixing flesh/bone tones in gouache. 

Other news! I've started on my piece for drawgasmic... thats due in at the end of the month! 
Take a look at the drawgasmic website, and go put your work in for the show! You know you want to.
so whats that all about, huh? Its a big exhibition in Saint Louis, MO. In the USA. It will be on for one night only! Where hopefully a lot of the work will be sold. Fingers crossed mine sells! Its all about affordable art too, so the prices shouldn't be that bad. As well as an exhibition of all the crazy cool up and coming artists out there, there will be a coffee table book produced with all the artists and their one piece of exhibit work held within its lovely pages. On the night of the exhibition there's going to be tons of entertainment, hopefully some of the artists (i'm not able to make it sadly), and drink and performances. 

So thats whats going on at the moment folks!
I've finished my History and Contextual essay. But I still have a ton of work to do for tomorrow, and for Visual Studies this week! AGH! 

Exercising is still going well, with the great achievement of me doing 3 classes in one morning... and surviving to tell the tale. However it has done nothing for my size, so I'm hoping im just building up some muscle ready to lose some weight soon. I guess it doesn't help that I end up weighing myself, seeing no change and then going and eating chocolate because I'm a bit angry. Hah! Ah well, at least I'm getting fitter, if nothing else. 

Off to hospital this coming weekend... scary times. I don't like doctors, and they're going to want to take a bit of my arm, put it under a slide and see what I have. BLEGH. 
London Tropical Disease Clinic here I come!

Right, should really pop back to doing some work! 
Cheers guys!

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