Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Drawgasmic, House & Project

I finally got my piece for drawgasmic finished! Thank god! And here it is... a bit of a revamp of my beetle series, but I think they really did need an added element... something that says a tiny bit more about me than creepy double animals. Bit more life added!

So there we go! 

All packed up and ready to be sent now :) Lets hope it gets there on time!

I found someone to rent my house for summer, so that is a massive weight off my mind! I'll only have to pay around £118 for the entire summer instead of £1233. So glad that I found someone.

Project is trundling along slowly, I've managed to get some work done, and I have 2 more roughs to do, and a painting. Very do-able I think. I can get the roughs done by the weekend and hopefully start the painting at the weekend, if not finish it. Things seem more achievable now, and after an emotional breakdown yesterday, and a good long chat with Rachel, things seem a lot brighter.
I guess it was also good to talk to Max and express my concern about some issues and whether he would be ok with them. It puts my mind at ease, and I hope my self confidence is on the up and up.

Off to do some clothes shopping for some strappy tops to go under other things :) layers is the name of the game! And so are leggings. Various colours and patterns! 

I love my mother, she knows how to ease the stress immensely. She rang me up yesterday and said 'i've put some money in your account, don't worry about paying me back'. I really appreciate it, as I was eating into my savings.

Not long to go now! 7 weeks and I'll be flying away. 3 of those weeks, spent in hospital, and the rest working and planning/preparing for the trip. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. I'm going to brush up on my spanish when im in hospital, and go around london painting :)

I should really be working right now! I'm in class. Never mind eh?
Catch you guys later! 

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