Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bristol Comic & Small Press Expo, No Motivation & Bad Paper

My friend Isaac Lenkiewicz (an old college buddy) has offered to take some of my work up to the Bristol Comic & Small Press Expo! That was really lovely of him, and this will be the first time that my work has been shown at an expo! :D I'm really quite excited. I wish I could go up to the expo as well, but I'll most likely be in-between London and Falmouth. So if any of you are heading up there, be sure to look out for his work! (and mine too!) I'll be giving him a couple of prints to take up, and an original drawing, so go grab a bargain!  

I'll hopefully manage to buy a copy of his comic :)

At the moment I still have no motivation for this project, and I have managed to spend the whole of today not doing much at all. I really wish I could just get the motivation and go with it! But at the moment there's just nothing pushing me to do it. 
I want to get back from the hospital before I get into painting, but that's just not possible.
I can't believe how little time there is left! And how little time there is before I fly away again!

Thankfully I may have someone to rent my house for summer, so that eases a ton of stress. 

Bad paper...trying to draw this picture for drawgasmic is not going so great on the paper I've chosen... I think I may have to rethink and go back to using my 0.3 mechanical pencil again too. Gotta wait til Friday to get some more lead for it though. *sigh*
I just have to get down to this project... get going! get myself motivated! Get some more canvas so as I can actually paint something! 

ok, off to WORK
ciao x

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