Sunday, 25 April 2010

Weekend of Emotional Rollercoaster, Queen of the Mambo & King of the Bongo

So finally people, we have some new sketchbook work that im actually half pleased with. Depression is nothing if bad for creative juices sometimes, or maybe its good for it, i don't know.  Some you win, some you lose? Ok, lets not ramble, and get down to the juicy bits.

This weekend, has not been a nice one in general. It involved late nights with nothing to show for them, crying and serious anxiety. The feeling that your world is about to come crashing down around your ears could be a good summary. But, we're working at resolving that, and once a certain someone gets out of his foul mood, then I hope things between me and him are going to be ok. I really hope so. Losing him would quite possibly rip me in two! 
Anyway, enough emotional gushy crap.

Artwork is the name of the game on this blog!
And here's some for you to gobble up:

Queen of the Mambo and King of the Bongo

Thats all for now folks! More later!

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