Thursday, 29 April 2010

Renewed Visual Studies Vigour, HACS & Double Time!

I guess you guys are getting pretty fed up of me posting something everyday huh? Well tough! Unfortunately this one contains no images and is mainly a note to myself, so if you don't want to read on, feel free not to!

So today is my most hated or most loved day of the week... depending of course on which of the alternate weeks it is! One week we have life drawing *yay* and the other week we have visual studies *boo hiss*. Up until now, thats how I've thought about it. Now that they have thankfully taken out the pain of creating a final image at the end of the 3 sessions and dropped it down to 2 lessons on one subject, I think it is a hell of a lot better. Less pressure, and I feel a lot free-er to just experiment. I think it also helped that today I took it upon myself to revisit the past projects, and tidy everything up by placing it all into a new, smaller sketchbook. Something a bit more manageable. I know Linda hates talking to me, and for most part the feeling is mutual. But today I tried to make an effort to give her something to latch onto that she could help me with. I proclaimed that I was revisiting everything and that I would finish the work in my own time at home. She was ok with that. Thank god. So we went through a couple of the briefs, and found places I could add to and improve upon. Collage and Layers were two of the projects that could be improved upon. Yep. Grrrreat. My arch nemesis collage...back again to cause me pain. But I'm going to look at this cool guy called Eduardo Receife... yes you can guess that I found a spanish artist, huh? As per usual. So I shall put some of his work in the sketchbook, and have a go at collage once again. I hope to find some good things. Maybe you'll get to see them too, who knows. 

HACS... I don't really understand why we have another group crit tomorrow, as we only had one last Friday and I have done no more work on the subject whatsoever. I've been far too busy updating this blog and exercising my heart out. So... tonight is the night to get some research on Edmund Dulac and The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam. 1500 words... due in a few weeks. Very do-able, especially if I have a coach trip to London and back in that time. I'd like to try and get it done this weekend, seeing as its a long weekend! So onwards ever onwards.

Double time! Yeah boi! I done did two of them there exercise classes in a row today... thats an entire 2 hours of workout. First was bodyattack, and I feel like I tried to work hard... second came Pilates, and by then I was a stinky sweaty mess, but I did it anyway, and I enjoyed it. My bum and hips tomorrow however, will probably not enjoy it in the least. I hope that this is toning me up, I'm planning on fitting into a nice size 14 by the end of this term. After summer, a size 12 perhaps? Hah, that sounds like the impossible, as if you have to be born that size to ever fit into jeans like that. But thats where I'm heading for. Tomorrow is... Bodycombat and Bodypump. I'm going to see if I can muster up the stamina to do both. As I know this is doing my body good, and constantly pushing it is helping it get used to the exercise in the long run. I think the mid afternoon naps are kinda helping to keep me awake to do work after classes. I certainly seem to be doing more. 
As they say... Your body can get used to doing ANYTHING. 5/6 hour walks last summer... an absolute breeze... there were even some 9 hour walks, or 2 5 hour walks in the day. So its no excuse to say to yourself, oh but I'll tire myself out. If you keep on going and you keep on pushing through, you'll get a lot more out of yourself. That kind of attitude can be applied to anything, whether it is studying for exams, learning new things, pushing your artwork further, exercising, and whatever else! You will slowly get used to the amounts you take on, and then you can up your game when you feel yourself getting bored, or it loosing its appeal. The trick is never to stop, constantly look for the next project, the next goal you want to achieve. Because if you stop, its a hell of a hard task to get yourself going again. I stopped drawing in my sketchbook for over a month. It sounds insane. But i was 'so tired of drawing' after that last project. But really it was because I hadn't thought of anything else to sink my teeth into, nothing new to get drawing... so write all your ideas down, and come back to them in your time of inspirational need! 

Ok, enough waffle. Maybe that inspired a few of you, maybe it didn't, but it makes me believe I can achieve anything, and I thought that thats a pretty good thing to share wouldn't you say? 

Ok guys, thanks for getting to the end of todays blog! 
Well done, now go out there and knock em dead.

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