Wednesday, 28 April 2010

PRINTS, Café Collective & A Lovely Day

I've decided to have a small sale! At the moment I have some prints from last year, and would very much like to clear out my storage space to make way for some new prints! 

So, instead of the usual £20, some selected prints are now £15

Here they are!

(SUPER SPECIAL- There has only been one print of this made, so you get a 1/1!)

'We Choose Not To Be Free'
(Last Print left! print 10/10)

 'Heart Attack'

The next four portraits are available as A3 prints (for £15 each)
 A5 cards 
(£2 each)

I hope you enjoy the sale! Maybe pick up a bargain for a birthday or just to treat yourself!

All prints and cards are signed
All prints are numbered and currently all in their first edition.

To purchase any prints, cards or even to request one of my illustrations as a print, please email me at

Paypal accepted.

My new print is available for purchase 'The Entomologists Dream' 
It is unfortunately not in the sale, and is still full price at £20 per print.

Ok! Onto some exciting new things!
Me and a few others are thinking of creating a collective... first idea for the name is the Café Collective... however, this may be subject to change! So watch this space, as we'll hopefully be putting up a new blog specifically for it! I will put the link to the new blog up on here, and also link you to the other fabulously talented ladies' own blogs.
Be excited people! Lots coming your way soon.

Today has been a lovely day, I managed to get some drawing done, we went and had a bite to eat at a lovely deli in Penryn, and then I scooted off to exercise class! We had a new instructor this time, and I think we didn't really work as hard. Hopefully she'll work us harder, if not, then I'll be going to the bodycombat straight after! 

Still keeping up with the exercising, the diet is also ok, but im allowing myself treats purely because i dont think id survive the week otherwise!

So, keep your eyes peeled, your senses alert! Because at any moment we could sneak up behind you and then WHAM! Awesome illustrations in your face. You have been warned.


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