Monday, 26 April 2010

Portrait of Max, Bobby Bushtail & Cake

Here it is, albeit a rather odd portrait. Gouache A5. 
There will be another one to follow, this time a self portrait, and I hope to connect the two somehow. 
Thankfully the university store has some new canvasses in, the square ones I love, so I'm hoping to get some more painting done inbetween the painting I'll be doing for uni, and all the exercise I have planned.

Goal to achieve in 2 months- 12st instead of 12st13
Seems achievable. I hope it is! To be able to achieve this would make me one very very happy lady indeed. Then the next goal after that is 11st, and then I'll stop worrying so much, eh?

Finally some photos of bobby (the stuffed squirrel) along with a spread from 'To Make an Amblongous Pie'

Bobby brushes up on the latest in 'Moon' the monthly zine

 Guardian and curator of my desk museum/art gallery
Sometimes I wonder whether I get too personal with my blog... sometimes I couldn't care less. I aim to give an all round view of the ups and downs of a young lady studying illustration... and you'll damn well get it! Hehe! 

On a more serious note... go and have fun people... summer is upon us! 


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