Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ñuka camba llakini

Means I love you.

 Okay!!! Finished another stint of work at the care home... thank god thats over!! I can get back to worrying about artwork and my body for summer. Traveling back to Falmouth tomorrow to start again on Monday.

In other news, I am having some work exhibited in Saint Louis, MO, USA... at the Drawgasmic exhibition :) The piece of work will also be put into a coffee table book along with 999 other artists :) It will include a small bio, image of me, the piece of work and my contact details :D I'm very excited. I just need to create the work and send it off! What should I draw/paint? More crazy hybrid creatures?

In other other news... i have leishmaniasis... its a tropical disease caused by a sandfly bite. When my GP decides to get his ass in gear, and my dermatologist too, then i might finally get referred up to london and get treated! 10 or 21 days in hospital with a drip in my arm for 4 hours a day. Grrrreat. But i hope it makes me better. The disease I think is starting to have some affect on me, either that or I had just had enough of work! Just want to get better before I go out there again and bring something else back!

I am too too excited about going back to Ecuador right now. Only 3 more months and I get to be where I am probably the happiest in the world. I am glad me and Max have made the effort to stay together. I know that even if things don't work out, I have a friend for life. But here's hoping that all things do go extremely well, and I end up living out there! Dream come true! No more depressing weather! Time to paint outdoors/indoors! Football and volleyball, animals and forests. What more could a girl need?
I've been informed that the house building is going well, maybe it will be finished when I get there, maybe I can help build it! I'm hoping the latter, I'd love to help build a house! Possibly my future house!

Ok, so ARTWORK. this is an artwork blog after all. Hmm. I've done a couple of new pieces, and will upload some photos of them as soon as i get back to fal and get settled in again.  I've done a small portrait of Max in gouache, some watercolour lilies and not much else I have to say! I've mainly been practicing my Spanish, working and attempting to get fit :S

Anywhoo, must dash! Got some dreaming to do. Pictures later!

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