Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fitness Führer, Exhaustion & Starting to Paint!

I seem to be on a roll this week... lets keep it up.
Yesterday I went on a 40minute run with Even, in and around Penryn... for anyone that knows Penryn... its bloody hilly isn't it!?! So that nearly killed me last night. I have that to look forward to every Sunday and Monday night! Thanks to my Fitness Führer! I must be such a pain to coach... as soon as we got halfway I practically gave up and wanted to walk all the way home. But no, fitness führer was on hand to push my in the back. My lungs felt like they were bleeding, and I felt like throwing up.
If theres one thing that I hate about exercise its the horrible wheezy chest and cough I get afterwards. Its like there has been gunk sat on my lungs and the exercise it the only thing lifting it off. woop.
Today I went to BodyAttack with Louise as instructor. Its pretty damn hard to get up and do exercise after you decided to have an afternoon nap beforehand. Its even harder to do it after a nap, and the day after your first proper running session. My calves are killing me. 
Tomorrow looks to be even harder, as I'm sure all this pain is going to build up by the end of the week. Tomorrow is FatBurner. I haven't been to this one yet, so should be interesting, and hopefully less painful for my body than the alternative of BodyCombat an hour afterwards. 
Wish me luck! Aim this week is to do one of these classes a day, and the days I can't make classes, I have to go for a run. AGGGH!
Anyway, to thank Even, here's a little doodle.

 Unfortunately I only became aware of some awesome alliteration I could have jumped on after I'd drawn the whole thing out. Ah well. Fitness Hitler it is.

So I've bought some more canvasses, in preparation for this project 
(I'm attempting to paint the majority in oil paints)
and for any other painting I may somehow miraculously get around to. Hmm.

Fingers crossed that I'm up to the challenge. I'm quite scared of oil painting really, at least when its not from reference. I don't know where this fear came from...but still. 

ciao for now! 

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