Sunday, 28 March 2010

Easter, Illustrated Book & Work

Long time no blog! Whats been going on? Well I completed my illustrated book... photos or maybe a short video to come! Its been handed in for marking, but I'm so pleased with it, I don't really care about what mark I get! It was an experience and a half making that book, and using watercolour that way!
I can't wait to get it back!
So its Easter holidays now, and I thought that i would be able to do a ton of artwork! Doesn't look like its heading that way... I spend my days working at the carehome, and sleeping, and then on my days off I'm out exercising most of the day! Or off in town, at the museum or something. Guess I should take my sketchbooks out for a day to get a good bit of content going! I just feel like not drawing at the moment. Not painting. Its always like this when I get a break... its like... rest from uni work! But then all my time is taken up with other work, so I cant even if I wanted to... by the time i've rested and had time to do necessary things, its back to work, and that time that is required to get around to painting/drawing never happens! Frustrating!
I will have a post that has photos soon, I promise. When I actually have something worth showing! Sorry for the blandness of late!
Next term, one project. Looking forward to getting more time to myself to work out at the gym, and really just concentrate on the artworks for this instead of all these little projects everywhere. huzzah!



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how your book turned out :)

  2. cheers! I need to design a book jacket for it over the holidays... not that ill get much time!

  3. Let me guess Steph.. you've chosen advertising, evironmental issue and it has something to do with the rainforest? :-D hehe

    hope you're having a lovely Easter! see you soon. xx