Sunday, 28 March 2010

Easter, Illustrated Book & Work

Long time no blog! Whats been going on? Well I completed my illustrated book... photos or maybe a short video to come! Its been handed in for marking, but I'm so pleased with it, I don't really care about what mark I get! It was an experience and a half making that book, and using watercolour that way!
I can't wait to get it back!
So its Easter holidays now, and I thought that i would be able to do a ton of artwork! Doesn't look like its heading that way... I spend my days working at the carehome, and sleeping, and then on my days off I'm out exercising most of the day! Or off in town, at the museum or something. Guess I should take my sketchbooks out for a day to get a good bit of content going! I just feel like not drawing at the moment. Not painting. Its always like this when I get a break... its like... rest from uni work! But then all my time is taken up with other work, so I cant even if I wanted to... by the time i've rested and had time to do necessary things, its back to work, and that time that is required to get around to painting/drawing never happens! Frustrating!
I will have a post that has photos soon, I promise. When I actually have something worth showing! Sorry for the blandness of late!
Next term, one project. Looking forward to getting more time to myself to work out at the gym, and really just concentrate on the artworks for this instead of all these little projects everywhere. huzzah!


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sam&Cally, Cornish Dancing & Full Colour Oil!

Hey there! So today we start with the dilemmas I have faced this week! Woohoo! I was seriously considering not coming back to Falmouth next year. How could I?! I had my mind turned around quick sharp by Rachel my tutor thank goodness for her! She reassured me that things would be much better once I lived in Falmouth, and that the course would gradually ease off on the fast projects, allowing more time for experimentation and learning to paint etc etc, so that sounds amazing. She said she would also let me in on extra life drawing classes in the evenings if they were going on, and other little goodies! Excitedness! So yes, everything is back on track, and to be honest, I'm so relieved that I'm staying. SO RELIEVED. Houses- I went and looked at the front of my house for next year! It looks gorgeous, all white and with a wooden porch-bit. I can't wait to see inside! :)

I went to see my assistant lecturer play violin with my friend Sam at Jacobs Ladder on Saturday night, it was a night of abject wonder! Beautiful music, beautiful people, beautiful setting.


I had my exhibition last night, which was good, but there were so many people you couldn't really get round to see all the artwork, but I sold a few cards, so that paid for my night out! Couldn't get better really... oh wait, it did! I went to the front, and met up with Sam, we partook in some Cornish Dancing! Very good fun, he didn't really want to, all the time protesting and saying that he doesn't dance. But I think he really loved having to pretend to be a rat. There are some very strange dances! I want to go again and get a nice dress for the occasion :)

Last Thursday we did our full day of oil painting. It was really exciting/frustrating to finally be working with a colour palette! Even though my lady's skin tones were very blue/green and other colours. Here she is!

Thats all for now folks! 2 Weeks until illustrated book deadline... also means... 2 weeks and a bit til Easter break! Crazy how time goes. See Y'all later! x