Monday, 8 February 2010

Old art, New art & Some Interesting Things

Firstly we have some sketches from the Natural History Museum in London
 And one from the British Museum

Now some sketchbook pages from the new sketchbook
 Mrs Bear 

Some age old artwork from when I was...oh, maybe 5?
I loved dinos back then too! And I wanted them all as pets- note all the dinos in this picture have collars. I was very inventive! Some of the dinos had trees growing out of their backs. Now hows that for an efficient herbivore? I also drew one of the dinos out of jurassic park- the one that spat tar or whatever in Nedry's face.

Some painting on rice paper from a class...sometime ago.

This is an old toaster! Believe it or not, my gran used to use it. You would put toast in for a minute, then open the flaps again, turn it over, and toast for another minute! There were bare elements in that damn thing! She always used to burn her fingers. Still, its a fascinating bit of equipment!

 And lastly, an old stamp album- more coming soon.

Oh and life drawing from the week before!

2 min poses

blind contour 10 mins

left handed 10mins

left handed 20mins


My new look! Thats all for today folks!
Assessment day tomorrow, lets see how much I get my wrists slapped.


  1. How often do you do life drawing? Is it always tutored? I really like your drawings, i wish we would do something a bit more exciting like that at college

  2. We do life drawing one day every other week. I wish we did more! but with a big class, then its not possible.