Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hummingbird, Gandhi & Book Spreads!

Recently, inspired by Miss Danny D Slice Vowel, I made an origami hummingbird and a flower!

Very happy with my new shelf ornaments, just flying about collecting nectar in the breeze of incense.

I did another painting, this time of Gandhi for my map project. His hands went wrong, his pose is very stiff etc etc, but thats because I was trying to show him with his palms up and facing the viewer, but not being too much like 'here's my hand'. So, by the magical powers of photoshop, I have managed to shift it all round, and that now leaves me the original painting to do whatever I please with :) Like get rid of that terrible pose! My lord! 

This one is the one I will use to put the map on top of. I quite like how it has come out in the end, even if the hand does look weird and far too big for his face. You can guess that his hand is closer to you... right? Well lets say you can, and have done with it, because its only a silly map project anyway. I like his face despite the rest of it.

Ok! On to my illustrated book- I started painting my first colour spread today, so that was nervewracking, but kinda fun I guess. Only 6 more spreads to complete, including the colour one I'm halfway through, so 5 1/2 to go, 2 1/2 of them are colour, the other 3 are lineworks! Exciting stuff!
I think I will only show you the whole book once it is finished now, else it will spoil any surprise there might be!
I went to 'Body Attack' yesterday, and let me tell you, it very much felt that my body was being attacked. And one day later, yep I have the aches and pains that would match up with a fight. So, more on Friday and Saturday? Yes Please! Gah I'm a glutton for punishment. Hopefully this will train me up in preparation for Ecuador in the summer! 

And on a light note, because I can't remember if you've seen these... My creation... The Snow DINO.

The Three Creators of Wonder- (left to right) Giles, Natalie & Me! 
me and the bride hitting the vicar (snow dino)
And BUD. 
My little snow dog.
With conveniently titled bottle cap!
Thats all for now :)

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