Monday, 25 January 2010

Scraping away, Argument Project & Tough Spanish

I finally found a bit of a solution to my argument project problem. Scraperfoil!!! Yes, a severely underestimated material. There's a lot of scope for it once you paint over the scene of dolphins flitting in and out of the water, or some cute little bunny rabbits rubbing noses. Gouache is good for the overpainting. I have found that it emulates Mexican woodcuts very well! Just a few awesome mexican woodcut artists include:

Leopoldo Méndez

Ángel Braho

Ángel Zamarripa

Here's my first attempt at emulating the amazing Ángel Zamarripa in scraperfoil! Do you reckon he would be turning in his grave? Probably. But he would have the joyous grin of a mexican day of the dead skull, so thats ok. I promise to get better señor!


Its not as nice as the lovely cream of Zamarripa's work, and not nearly as finely crafted, but its a tester about an inch wide by half an inch tall, so i cant be blamed. Plus being given such a rubbish scraping instrument by the scraperfoil company. I shall endeavor to try out some different tools on some other scraps.
Needless to say, its rather fun! I think an order of plain boards...may be in order! We shall see how it pans out.

Also there's a very interesting artist called Stefan Thompson, I think he comes from Canada, and does his work with wax crayons and homemade eco paint! Well done to you sir! And look what lovely things he comes up with:

Slightly like mexican woodcut with those lovely lines etched into the face, but this time in glorious waxicolour! I've had an attempt at this already, and as easy as it may look, let me tell you that NO! No it is not easy at all. It could take years and years of careful crayon practice. Infact, children are probably better versed in its use than you are at this very moment. But thats because they're allowed. And you are too! Don't forget it! Go and pick up some lovely cheapy crayons and get scribbling you kiddies! If you want to attempt this chap's lovely style, simply get a needle or any other scraping implement and scratch back those layers of crayon. I may invest in some crayolas, to see if their quality is superior to the cheapy crayons i bought. Yus.

Meanwhile in the happy homestead, Max is off panning for gold in some remote region of the Ecuadorian amazon, and I am left here, struggling to get to grips with being back at university, my healthy eating program and projects that seem to be never-ending.
Spanish tonight was ok, though a lot of us were struggling. So I'll be attending beginners spanish as well as intermediate to brush up on my vocab and get things going again. Plus more practice is always good for learning a language, especially if its free!

Tomorrow is another day eh? I plan on getting my History work done and out of the way, and then getting my jazz on with the scraperfoil in the final bout of the argument project.

Good luck to you all this week! I hope this encourages you to pick up tools from your childhood and use them again... but with the knowledge you now know today!


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