Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Plan for 2010, A good start & Nostalgia

This week has been a good start to 2010! Hurrah! Today I worked out all my finances... what I will definitely have come the end of accomodation fees going out etc... and its looking fantastically well! I can afford to get a few more things for the trip, like a dictaphone and a headtorch :) Unfortunately I looked at flights, and thought that they were amazingly cheap if i went at the beginning of July, then realised I had mistakenly put June in the search box... perhaps  some wishful thinking on my part! Nevermind. July it is, and its still the same as I paid last time, so I'm not all that worried.

Today was an unexpected pay day! My friend Hazel's sister gave me even more money for a board game that she bought from me over the christmas period, and a friend who had commissioned me gave me the money that got lost in the mail! So all is good, and I am richer for having seen my friends :)

I promise to post up some london photos/ sketches soooon when I get back to Fal, its just hectic here with work, and I don't even know where the scanner is.

I've started on drawing and painting up some of the frogs for the field guide. A few testers, so will put them up soon. I can't wait to get back to uni and have my evenings free to paint in! You really appreciate just how much time you really do have of an evening when you dont have to get up at 6 for work the next morning, and when you've only just got in from work 7pm the night before. So relatively I will have bucketloads of time when I get back. It looks like I'm filling up my evenings though, I have Spanish class on a monday, yoga on a tuesday, running perhaps on a wednesday afternoon  and then football on a sunday afternoon :) Then all the time in the world inbetween to watch David Attenborough and paint and do lovely things like wash my clothes!

I'm looking at things positively at least for the meantime, and it seems to be working! Things are going well on all levels at the moment, and I think if I can maintain a good mood, then they will keep on being good!
I know it sounds like I'm obsessed with money half of the time, I get fed up of having to think about whether I can really afford to get a bus into town and things like that. But the pressure has eased off a bit... not a lot, but a bit. Any savings left over from the Ecuador trip will most likely go towards the next Ecuador trip after that! Hopefully there will be another trip after this one.  SO happy joy joy!

The Plan for 2010-
Paint more,
Leave photoshop behind for a while... its not like I'm going to forget how to use the damn thing
Experiment lotssss
And get back to a looser, more expressive style
I'm looking forward to using oil paints in life drawing class :)

Think Positive! I'm putting up speech bubbles in my workspace to remind me of this, and to give encouraging words from some of the people I admire the most.

We're nearly on the countdown past halfway until Ecuador, so I'm generally happier... only 7 months to go! Possibly 6! I miss everyone from the expedition terribly, I'll have to go visiting, or hold a reunion next year when I have my own flat.

So Hurrah for a happy Steph...
and my advice to you for the new year... no matter how corny it may sound is...
Think POSITIVE! It really does work. And putting up signs reminding you to think positively about something are actually a real help... because if you have pessimistic tendencies like I do, then you'll know that you tend to make yourself spiral down into a negative mess. This year, DONT!

Happy new years everyone,
I hope this decade is a good one for you.
I know it is going to be a very exciting one for me, whatever it brings.

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