Thursday, 21 January 2010

Paintings, Spanish & More Quechua (Kichwa) for you!

It would appear that I've been quite productive lately. Thank god I seem to be getting myself out of a rut.
I've started drawing the final artworks for my illustrated book, and they're looking good! No doubt I'll be told to change them once I show them to a tutor.

So here's one of the first to be attempted, although it isn't the first page.

This is some recent work from my sketchbook

And my completed piece from visual studies today

I've been painting recently, I tried out oils the other day, and it came out alright :) I'll post it up soon, but for now you have enough delicious things to feast on!

I started my Spanish class this Monday, and it was so good to be practicing again! I find that I understand a lot more now, even just listening to people. I've kitted myself out with a spanish verb and grammar dictionary, so thats cool, I can just practice conjugating verbs.

I've also been learning more Quechua (Kichwa), and so will now give you a quick lesson in numbers so as you can say how old you are!

I'll start with how to say 'I am 21 years old'
ñuka charini ishki chunka shuk wata

(BREAKDOWN= I am (ñuka charini) 21 (ishki chunka shuk) years (wata)
That should be right, I was having to translate from Kichwa to Spanish to English, but it means roughly the same. You would say 'yo tengo 21 años' in Spanish which literally translates to 'I have 21 years' in English.

Ok, so onto numbers.
1- shuk
2- ishki
3- kinsa
4- chushku
5- pichka
6- sukta
7- kanchish
8- pushak
9- ishkun
10- chunka
100- patshak

To make up a number like 24, you would say 2, 10 & 4 in that order. So its like saying, 2 tens and 4.
The same for numbers in the 100s. For example- 386. You would say 3, 100, 8, 10 & 6 in that order.

Examples in Kichwa;
56- pichka chunka sukta
783- kanchish patshak pushak chunka kinsa
12- chunka ishki
984- ishkun patshak pushak chunka chushku

alright then! You should all be able to say the numbers 1-999, and your age now!

more coming... sooooon.

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