Saturday, 16 January 2010

Life Drawing, Double Vision & Frozen Food Aplenty

So these started out life as a singular 10 minute blind contour drawing in life drawing class. Then I decided to take them into photoshop and mess them round a bit. I'm really happy with them. Next I'll print them out and work into them with paint and such!

Normal Life Drawings:

There we go, I feel much better after creating a body of work and not really having to think too much about it. I'll post up my London sketchbook soon, and the outcome of the overpainting. Also some recent sketchbook work!

I did a huge cook-off yesterday, and made 2 weeks worth of food... half chili and half lime spaghetti bolognaise. Now my freezer drawer is full :S


  1. lime spaghetti bolognaise!????????? please explain

    ps, love your work :p hhaha

  2. Wow a comment! Lime spaghetti bolognaise is simply bolognaise on a usual day, but jazzed up a bit with the juice of a lime or 2, gives it a bit of zingggg.

    p.s- Thanks! :)