Saturday, 31 October 2009

Pogonophobia, The Mist & A Day of Chores

I finally got down to doing my project on Pogonophobia- the fear of beards. I think it turned out alright! I might make an adjustment to the background colour, i dont know yet. I spent the day working on this, sewing, cooking up the last of the vegetables before they went bad, and making them into something edible... I have enough food frozen now for the next 2 weeks at least. Crazy!
I did some hand washing, and its all on the radiator drying :)

Lets see what else... not much! Im currently dressed up in my halloween gear, photos from the night coming soon.

Apart from that, I have an essay that I'll try and write tomorrow, finish the beetle animal project, and start an african savannah scene for the gallery.

Ciao for now! Happy Halloween!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Life Drawing, The Mist Descends & All Hallows Eve

Here's a dump of all the life drawing I've done over the first 2 sessions. Whole day sessions, every other week. At first it was arduous, and still can be, but with a lot of shoulder massaging, and perseverance, I find it quite enjoyable. Its nice to be under instruction again, and the results have dramatically improved from what I was doing a few years ago. Oh those naive days. And I suspect I'll probably look back on these some day, and go... 'Oh those naive days'. But there we are, these are, to the best of my ability, Life drawings. I will fill people in on The Mist & Halloween in the next blog, as I'm far too tired to do any more to this one!

Red Chalk Pencil- Line Study- 1/2 hour

Blind Contour Drawings-(Set of 3) 10mins- HB Pencil

Red Chalk Pencil- Measured Line- 20mins-1/2 hour

Red Chalk Pencil- Line Drawing- 20mins- 1/2 hour

Tonal Study- Charcoal- 35mins

Line study- 2 pencils- 35mins

Series of 2 minute Poses- Blue Pencil

Measured Line (My most hated exercise)- 20mins

Measured Line- 20mins

1st session- no restrictions on what medium/type of exercise... varying lengths from 2mins to 1 hour.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Bob the dog, Vintage fleamarket & Sleepover at Hadders

An eventful weekend! Beginning on Friday night with visits from numerous people, Natalie, Aimee, Evan and Hassan! Watched lots of Attenborough, me and Hassan managed to correctly identify the bird calls! And I drew a monkey beetle:

On Saturday me and Hassan ventured to the fleamarket to take in the delights. I ended up buying a lovely feather earring from Africa!

Hassan bought lots of purple clothes and nearly bought a massive Michael Jackson jacket. In the antique store round the corner, I searched for a pocket watch, and found a lovely one... for £2! Bargain awesomeness.

Unfortunately I realised that my Yachana frog necklace was splitting... right through the frog's heart. So it will remain in my treasure box, for fear of it breaking apart and me losing part of it.

A quick lesson in kichwa for those who are interested! -
Some basic words/phrases and how to say them:
Imasnata kanki (imm-ass-na-ta can-gi) - How are you?
Imata rurarkanki kuna (imm-ah-ta roo-rar-can-gi goo-nah)- What did you do....?
Maimandata kanki (my-man-dah-ta can-gi) - Where do you come from?
Masma huatata charingui ( mass-ma h-wah-tah-ta cha-rin-gi) - How old are you?
Ima shutita kanki (ee-ma shoo-tee-ta can-gi)- What is your name?
Sumakmi kanki (soo-makk-me can-gi) - You are beautiful.
Sumak Allpa (soo-makk al-pah)- Beautiful mountain
Allku (al-coo)- Dog/Wolf
Atallpa (at-al-pah)- Chickens
Raposa (rah-poh-sa) Fox
Usu (ooh-soo)- Bear
Anga (ann-gah)- Eagle
Mana (mah-nah)- Not
Sambayaska chukanki (sam-by-ask-ah choo-can-gi) - Are you tired?
Allichukanki (ah-yee-choo-can-gi)- It is ok.
Sapo (sah-po)- Frog/Toad
Grillu (gree- yu)- Cricket (animal)
Yakumanda Ahichawa (yah-coo-man-dah ah-ee-chah-wah)- Fish
Yaku (yah-coo)- River
Yura (yu- rah)- Tree
Huasi (hoo-ah-see)- House
Yachana (yah-chah-nah)- School

So there we are! You all know some Kichwa now :D

Then we had pasties and cake, and made our way to Jam Cafe for a drink and a draw. There we found Bob the dog, an 8 month old black labrador who is afraid of walks without his lovely lady owner. Ever so cute, ever so attentive.

I love the old stove at Hadley's house, so cosy and quaint.

After this, I went to Hadley's where she made a lovely beef and kale curry (yum yum), and dyed my hair after much hilarity and threats of torture. Photos for proof:

in the process of hair dying, I turned into Igor, and could not see above a certain height... namely the height of the shelf that all my possessions were on.

And then after awesome hair colour had been applied, dried etc, me and Deva had a little guitar sing along, and Hadley gave me an amazing massage.
Hair dye success!

(My 3x3 Magazine in Deva's Room)

Feeling thoroughly pampered, and rejuvenated, we retired downstairs for a spot of girly gossip/ crazy life stories. After a few hours, I called it a night and fell asleep on my fort of cushions. In the morning, I had eggy soldiers! A perfect end to a lovely weekend. Guess I should really do some university work, huh?

Thursday, 22 October 2009

More Rare Animals, Etchings & The Start of Something Beautiful

Here we have some rare breeds... I'm aiming to do 2 more, a tortoise beetle & a monkey beetle... then my awesome flatmate kate is going to find out about making it into a t-shirt for me! Very exciting! Can't wait to get to wear it around. Plus they have some really lovely printing techniques which means no horrible plasticy feel to the shirts. woop! I may take it into the illustration gallery and see if they would be willing to sell them... then I'll work out costings etc etc... let me know if you'd be interested in one! T-shirts called 'the entomologists dream'. Also, when I've posted the final image to be printed, could people give me an opinion on whether they should be done as one animal per t-shirt, or all on one? Maybe both!

Tiger Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle

Giraffe Weevil

I bought some perspex the other day, and started making plates for printing... I'm thinking about using that as a technique for the illustrated book... in some parts. Unfortunately the uni doesn't have any scrim, so the prints came out quite poorly. Better luck next time eh?

Apart from this little project, I have an essay to write and an illustration on beard phobia (pogonophobia) to do. Should be interesting. This week has flown by, I can't believe its Friday tomorrow. Still, onwards with work! I realised that in the past month I have done more work than I've probably done in this past year. Crazy huh? Lets hope this motivation carries on. More sketchbook work due soon, got some tasty offerings.
I'm hoping to get back into some photoshop work, time permitting, but we shall see.


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ball Photos, International Food Fayre & Dead Pigeon

I went home on the weekend for my mother's birthday, and had a lovely little rest from all the stress at uni. Got some things sorted out, so thats all good. Just paid for the London trip in December, need to sort out travel now, also need to sort out getting to Cardiff on Friday the 20th of November for 8... hmm. May need to take half the day if not all the day off. Fun!
I made a dummy book for the book project, so thats coming along nicely. Now for some overdue sketchbook work. Been a bit lax this week. Pub quiz tonight, hopefully we'll win something again!

Finally I decide to upload the ball photos... there's not many because I didn't stay long... but I got in for free instead of a crazy £12 entrance fee... because I was clever and faked the wristband from part of a coke bottle label. Yessiree. So here are the twoooooo photos.

Some lovely looking food from when I was cooking! Fresh and yummy.

My desk at the studio

Our tortoise being fed... good entertainment for me at home

The international food fayre was on when I went home. I do pick the best times... and there was a guy doing the limbo, a fire juggler on a unicycle and many gorgeous stalls with good produce! Here are a few delights from the day. Got to see my bestest buddy Mica for a quick 10mins, which was lovely :) Can't wait till she comes down here :)

My orchids, hopefully they wont die without me!

And last but not least, I found this dead pigeon in the street, I named him Arthur, and wished him a happy journey.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sketchdump, Conceptual Thinking & Home for the Weekend

I realised recently that I haven't scanned my life drawing sketchbook in at all really, so I scanned it in, and this is what there is to show for that hour of my life wasted. :D

There is also the series of life drawings the models name i won't mention, lest he be utterly embarrassed, but I doubt anyone he knows will read it anyway.

And here's a piece I did for conceptual thinking this week- we were given an image from an argos catalogue, and then we could choose from 4 themes. Then we had to come up with an illustration to marry the two. I got a kettle, and I chose friendship. Here's the outcome:
I've also been indulging in some frivolous drawing outside the confines of illustration within class. Some interesting results... and more to come:

Stag Beetle & Rhinoceros Beetle.

Today I had a whole day of life drawing class, I experimented a little and came up with a really good combination of colours that I call the master medley. Towards the end of the day I had run out of steam, despite being fueled by strawberry cheesecake from the canteen. Photos to come in the next blog.

I dropped off some originals to the 'arcs of fire' gallery, and he'll keep them in the stock room to sell on. So fingers crossed that he does sell them before July! I'm going to attempt to get into the illustration gallery in town with my crossbreed animals. We shall see how it goes!

And for the moment, I do believe that that is that.