Saturday, 12 December 2009

Death of my Friend, Brother, Companion, Pet, Dog

Hi all. Some bad news this week. Drake passed away on Friday the 11th of December while I was on the coach back from London. It was fairly quick, and from what I hear, he didn't suffer too much. I can only wish that I was there to comfort him in his last moments, and to say goodbye. I love him, I miss him. He was/is like a brother to me, and we grew up together. It is sad when someones lifetime outlives the lifetime of a soulmate. I am sure I will see him again, and he will always be in my heart. The best dog in the world. The most intelligent, witty, funny, knowing dog of all. He would know just what to say, how to act, we would play the best games ever. Walking was the most enjoyable, least stressful part of both our lives. I will miss my companion, he can never be replaced, even though others may come, he was the first, and will always be the most special person in the world to me. I will miss the patter of his paws, followed by a heavy thump as he would sit down by the door. I will miss him barking at the stars and the jets. I will miss the smell of grass on his paws, and the warmth of his breath as we would curl up together. I will miss him going into the front room, and waiting for us to follow, then half an hour later barking once to get our attention as if to say 'come in here, im lonely'. 

He knew what was going on at all times, you don't know just how hard it was to say goodbye so many times in the past year, wondering all the time if it will be my last. I always missed you the most. Perhaps I should have missed mum or Clive more, but no. You were the one I always wanted with me, the one I always wanted to show new things. The one I always wanted to go on adventures with, and no one else. I reckon we could have seen the world together. Perhaps we still will... maybe I will meet you again soon. I hope so. As there was so much fun we still could have had. So my brother, my life, my companion through the years... I never really saw you as a pet or a dog. You were a part of me, a part of the family, and very much a person. So I wish you a safe journey, wherever you may go. Have fun enough for the both of us, and most importantly, be happy. I hope your time with us was a happy one, because for all of us, you made it all the more happier. I know I will miss you forever, even though you are not gone. Take care of gran and grandad... im sure they have lots of biscuits for you. Know that I love you with all of my heart, soul and life. You are without a doubt, the best person in the world. I only hope that I can be like you. Take care, be happy. I'm glad you didn't suffer.


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