Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Decisions, Work & Frustration

Hi there! I've been a bit quiet recently... thats because of some rather unexpected things, not having a scanner here, and not really having any work to show you. I'm in a slump at the moment. Plus I'm working at the care home again, so busy days, and not much time before I go to sleep at night. Though, this is doing my bank balance some good. I will soon be booking my plane tickets for Ecuador, so things should be a whole lot more set out! I am attempting to spend a few weeks with GVI again, if they will have me back. At the moment the savings are at a healthy £640ish. Thats not taking into account the other 8 shifts I have done at work recently. So things are on the up and up. I think I have made the decision to leave my big camera behind for this trip. Its a tough decision, as the photographer in me is screaming out, saying 'WHAT? YOU'RE GOING TO THE AMAZON AGAIN AND YOU'RE NOT TAKING YOUR BIG CAMERA? WHAT AWESOME PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES THERE ARE OUT THERE!' and then the person inside me that doesn't want to have to shell out for insurance for it, or have to sort it out again after I come back home says... nah you can do without it, just take the little canon. So... I think the little one will make life so much simpler, and I won't feel like I have to document things so much and faff about with a big camera. Plus the little one is lighter! And less worry of it getting damaged or stolen.  So thats a big weight off my mind and my back! Hopefully I can just take in the experience and enjoy it for what it is. 

My new years resolutions should be a whole lot easier when the plane tickets are bought and things are more certain:

1.) Have FUN!
2.) Learn Spanish
3.) Play games
4.) Do what makes me Happy
5.) Have FUN!

None of this must lost weight, or give up chocolate or anything like that rubbish. Weight loss should come naturally if I'm out having fun and playing football, doing yoga, etc etc.
So yes... I invite you all to make good new years resolutions that you will enjoy fulfilling! The happier we make ourselves, the easier it is to do the harder things in life.

I am strangely welcoming of going back to university... I guess it means that I don't have to work at the care home for a start, and secondly I can get back to doing stuff for the course, and spanish class, and football! Things SHOULD be a lot easier. I am also going to turn a new leaf and try not to be so static with my artwork... a lot more painting I think, and not so much photoshop.

So here's to a happy new year everyone! Think positive, be happy and most importantly of all... be yourself!

Cheers for all the support!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Death of my Friend, Brother, Companion, Pet, Dog

Hi all. Some bad news this week. Drake passed away on Friday the 11th of December while I was on the coach back from London. It was fairly quick, and from what I hear, he didn't suffer too much. I can only wish that I was there to comfort him in his last moments, and to say goodbye. I love him, I miss him. He was/is like a brother to me, and we grew up together. It is sad when someones lifetime outlives the lifetime of a soulmate. I am sure I will see him again, and he will always be in my heart. The best dog in the world. The most intelligent, witty, funny, knowing dog of all. He would know just what to say, how to act, we would play the best games ever. Walking was the most enjoyable, least stressful part of both our lives. I will miss my companion, he can never be replaced, even though others may come, he was the first, and will always be the most special person in the world to me. I will miss the patter of his paws, followed by a heavy thump as he would sit down by the door. I will miss him barking at the stars and the jets. I will miss the smell of grass on his paws, and the warmth of his breath as we would curl up together. I will miss him going into the front room, and waiting for us to follow, then half an hour later barking once to get our attention as if to say 'come in here, im lonely'. 

He knew what was going on at all times, you don't know just how hard it was to say goodbye so many times in the past year, wondering all the time if it will be my last. I always missed you the most. Perhaps I should have missed mum or Clive more, but no. You were the one I always wanted with me, the one I always wanted to show new things. The one I always wanted to go on adventures with, and no one else. I reckon we could have seen the world together. Perhaps we still will... maybe I will meet you again soon. I hope so. As there was so much fun we still could have had. So my brother, my life, my companion through the years... I never really saw you as a pet or a dog. You were a part of me, a part of the family, and very much a person. So I wish you a safe journey, wherever you may go. Have fun enough for the both of us, and most importantly, be happy. I hope your time with us was a happy one, because for all of us, you made it all the more happier. I know I will miss you forever, even though you are not gone. Take care of gran and grandad... im sure they have lots of biscuits for you. Know that I love you with all of my heart, soul and life. You are without a doubt, the best person in the world. I only hope that I can be like you. Take care, be happy. I'm glad you didn't suffer.


Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas Commissions, End of Year & Awesome Waterproof Goodies!

Hi there! Just to let anyone who watches my blog, know that I'll be holding a Christmas sale on prints, £10 a piece for an A3 print, plus £2.50 P+P. Good crimbo prezzies if you like my work! Apart from that, I'm opening up commissions again, so if you want a one off for someone special at Christmas, then please get in touch! ( Send me an email saying what you think you want, and we can negotiate a price. Please note that all the money from my commissions and sales of prints goes towards buying equipment, field guides or airfare for me while I'm out in the rain forest next July. It would be nice if I could charge what I normally charge for commissions, but as everyone is on a tight budget I'm open to negotiation on any sales.

I'm also selling 2 originals-
Elvis- £90
Heath Ledger as the Joker- £90
you can see both images on my new portfolio website (link at bottom of the blog)

Thanks to anyone who has bought prints, commissioned me or worked with me before... and even if you just like my work! S'all good.

Its nearly the end of term, and everyone is rushing about like headless chickens trying to get projects done and prepare for London. So its an interesting week.

I found some amazing waterproof bags for my small camera, large camera, ipod, phone and laptop... which hopefully I can buy for next year, which saves me the hassle of having to repair/buy new versions of things when I get back to this country! Fingers crossed if I do buy them, that they work well. I also need to buy a backpack! My very own one this time, that I can take on all my crazy adventures... Who knows where I'll go next after the amazon jungle?! I'm looking forward to buying patches and sewing them on :D

Alrighty! I think thats it for now... so just a final plead with anyone who is remotely interested in my artwork... Its for a good cause... I'll be trying to do some photographic/drawing research on frogs while I'm out there... Which, if I can create a nice field guide will raise awareness of the danger frogs face with regards to species extinction. If anyone is interested in looking at the situation and what they can do to help, there is an organisation called AArk

Cheers guys, hope you all have a good holiday!

I also have my portfolio up online now... ch ch ch ch check it out