Saturday, 7 November 2009

Visit from Mother and the Dog, Dress & Lambeosaurus

Here are the fruits of this evenings hard labour... Mr.Lambeosaurus! One of my favorite dinosaurs. To help me learn how to paint I've decided to do some studies of the paintings in James Gurney's Dinotopia book series. The colours are vivid, and the subjects are rather a favorite of mine! If you don't know about, or haven't checked out Dinotopia... I can HIGHLY recommend it. I grew up on these books, and the depth behind them is simply phenomenal. The paintings, detail and the whole background of the story has somewhat affected the project I am doing at the moment... illustrated book project. Though I didn't know it at first, I was heading in this direction...persuading myself to try and create something of this magnitude... albeit on a very short timescale in comparison, and without the background that Gurney has in painting. But I'm going to have a go. See what happens! I've already created a rough map of my island where the book is situated... it is called... 'Isla de Mala Torte'- which if I have translated correctly, becomes 'The Island of Bad Pie' in Spanish. Oh the humour! heh.
So, more juicy snippets of the story later.

My mother and Drake came down to visit today, which made me very very happy :) even though the weather was absolutely poo! Its good to see them, and spend some time with them. Can't wait to see them again! We went to the beach, and got soaked through because of the rain, before that we walked up and down town possibly a million times trying to decide on a cafe. In the end we got baguettes and took them to the beach. After the beach, mum bought me a lovely dress... cheers ma! I'm wearing it at the moment, its lovely and snuggly warm!

Tomorrow I feel may be a day of linework for the conceptual thinking project, and maybe getting a start on the African Savannah scene for the gallery. If I can get that done and sold, that will alleviate a lot of stress about money worries, and being able to go to Ecuador in the summer. If I can do 2 and get them sold by summer, then wahey, I will be rather well off to buy all the art materials I could ever want for uni. Oh I can dream!

I've been looking at train/coach prices to get to Cardiff for Eddie Izzard... they're pretty ridiculous. £77 return on train, 3 changes, god knows how many hours travel. I need to see if I can find something cheaper else I wont be able to afford it, and neither will Hadley. And I dont think I'll be able to sell the tickets, because they get delivered like a week before the gig. GAH!
So im not sure what to do.

Anyhow, I hope you like the Lambeosaurus... any suggestions for the next dino?

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