Friday, 20 November 2009

Life Drawing, Imaginive Realism & Dino Painting

I keep meaning to add in some links to some interesting sites for everyone, or add it to my page as a permanent feature in some way. I'll try and figure it out at the weekend, but here's some little gems I've found in the past: (good lectures on a variety of subjects-design, science, evolution, architecture etc) (encyclopedia of life- good source of info on flora and fauna species) (see how nature would do it... helpful with design problems)
(free online audio novels) (just because we all love beards) (amazing guy, amazing performances, watch the documentary) (amazingly inspirational)

So this is the life drawing work from last week, we had the same model again. I'm really enjoying life drawing, especially the blind contours... such crazy cool shapes!

Blind contour 10mins- please enlarge these in your browser (you can see more interesting detail)

10min blind contour

10min blind contour

10min blind contour

10min blind contour (top) compared to 10min line drawing of same pose (bottom)

30min line drawing (he's parachuting!)

quick 2 mins

1 hour tonal study charcoal

First drawing in the surroundings plus paper, then placing the model in the situation and seeing how far off our eyes are when drawing static objects.

20min line drawing

postcard from a second hand store. :)

This is what I think of visual studies. Miriam thinks the same thing too!

horrific visual studies piece on the theme of layers

start of a maquette head for my explorer of taste.

My attempt at a study of James Gurney's work, using a yellow and blue palette, subduing the background and bringing out the foreground in saturation. Still unfinished, but I'm quite pleased so far.

Well thats it for tonight I think... ta ra!

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