Sunday, 29 November 2009

Inky Animals, Down with Falmouth U & Getting Ready for Home

Last night I made a little series of inkanimals. They're not very good, just intended as a bit of light fun and a loosen up. The internet hasn't been working for the past few days because of Falmouth university being bastards and redirecting the bandwidth to the university facilities. Great. What are we paying for? And whats more is that it cut me off in the middle of a conversation with Max. So that doesn't make for a very happy Steph at all. Well, its back now, as you can see. But for how long? I'm putting a petition up in the porters lodge tomorrow to campaign for a separate internet connection for Glasney Student Village.
Apart from that, I've only got a week to go, and I'm excited about going home. I'm excited by London too, but home and my dog mainly. I can't believe its only been 2 1/2 months, it feels like forever. Like a complete year. I wish!

Still, only 8 months to go til I'm back in Ecuador. Then happy happy times eh?

I like the black bear the best... I'd love to be a bear. All warm and stuff... just eating food n everything. mmm.

So I still need to go and sign myself up to Spanish class for next term, else im going to be terribly embarrassed next year. 
My storyboard for my book is FINALLY coming together. Still needs tweaking, but I know I'll want to work on it over Christmas anyway. I need to do those damn rhinos for the gallery this week! AGH! Can't someone just give me £500 for a little scrawly sketch? I guess not. Well, I'll get it into the gallery by friday. We seem to have a lot of free time this week because of assessments. Should only take me a day at the most? Fingers crossed.

I have toooo many things to juggle at the moment... but they're not different enough, so I don't want to continually be drawing.  I'm ready for some science or something. Or languages.

Care home work looms... and I'm so not enthused about going back. But its money. 
Rhinos for the gallery,
Trying to sell these damn artcards that I still have... £2 each.
Trying to sell prints that I still have... on sale at £10 each. A3.
Teaching myself to paint.
Teaching myself Spanish
Finishing uni work
Continuing with the Illustrated Book
Carrying on with my personal sketchbooks.
Doing my part in the collaborative sketchbook.
Relaxing at some point.
Trying to get fit? Bah. We'll see just how little weight I've lost since I started.
Frog Field Guide- put on the back back burner.
All these projects I want to do! But after doing the compulsory ones, im just too tired to do the other ones!

ok, thats enough of a whinge for today, so I'll catch you guys at the end of the week before I go home.

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