Friday, 13 November 2009

Get it OFF, Imaginative Realism & A Week of Frustration

The start of a collaborative sketchbook between me and Even (classmate from illustration)
It started with me giving Even a phrase to illustrate, and then I asked him to give me a phrase which related to his image, but not the previous sentence. So, our sketchbook will evolve, and I hope you enjoy it!

Even's first page

My first page

I just bought Imaginative Realism by James Gurney. I had no choice. Really. He forced me too. Ah I'm so bad. I promise I will start saving my moneys more. Promise. No more food, ever! Heh, well maybe 3 times a day.

This week has been a frustrating one all in all, what with me getting no work done on Monday, very little done on Tuesday in Colour & Comp, resulting in transcription homework, a bit of work done on Wednesday on my book, but much confusion/doubt ensuing a talk with Rachel, life drawing on Thursday but a few measured drawings (makes me too rigid) and some work with charcoal, which brings my mood crashing to the floor. I can't stand charcoal when used with tone. Maybe one day I'll learn to use it properly. Who knows. Today, I also got no work done. So, a week of nothing but a whole load of stress. I got woken up at 3am this morning because of her flatmates screaming in the hall. Bah. This weekend will be one of much joyous work. I hope. Going to start on the Savannah scene, I promise myself! Gotta get it done and in the gallery in hope of extra money. When people are looking to spend money at christmas.
I have to complete another project for conceptual on Monday, which should be fun seeing as its on A3, and I haven't got all the linework done yet. Still. I'll get it done somehow. Start it tomorrow, fingers crossed I'll finish it tomorrow too. Colour & Comp work too. Then I can do whatever artwork I want! :D

Ok, thats it for now!

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