Monday, 9 November 2009

A Foray Into the Completely Digital, Anarchy in the Woods & Abdominal Pains

Today i wanted to try painting using a flesh tone palette, and it turned into a completely digital foray, no sketching out first, just blocking in colour then detail. Feels good! My first ever completely digital piece. I was surprised at how it turned out! Very happy with this piece. It has settled my restlessness a bit anyway. More paint tomorrow with Colour & Comp.

Went for a walk in the woods with Hassan and Sophie, very nice it was too, they rode in a shopping cart, we scared bunnies, and wore some lovely hats. Then hot choccie in the Stannary.

In other news, I have a pain in my abdoment that just wont budge at the moment. :( I have no idea what it could be. If it isn't gone by the end of the week, I'll see the nurse.

So, over and out for now! Happy Ecuadorian Smiles!

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