Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Colour Theory, Amblongous Pie & The Entomologists Dream

Here we are again! An eventful few days, what with el dia de los muertos
(thats halloween to you!) So I've chosen some of the best photos from the night, I've included photos from 'The Mist' a few nights before halloween where the mists descended on Penryn and Falmouth.
Here is the finished 'Entomologists Dream'... although I may add some peripheral labels to the specimens. I'll have to draw them up and scan them in. I've sent off an email to the illustration gallery in Falmouth, in the hope that they'll be so interested they'll exhibit it. Who knows! Fingers crossed eh?

The start of the halloween madness!

Deva had an amazing outfit thrown together in the last hour! A Dia de los muertos skeleton! Genius! Definitely my favorite halloween costume I've ever seen.

I went as a native american... with a tomahawk from tomahawks-r-us. (cardboard)

Hassan went as a cross between his 'oil man' and the doctor/professor from Planet of the Apes

These guys weren't actually together, any of them! We found a scarecrow, and united him with the lion, then came across a tin man! How coincidental! All we needed was dorothy.

My notes on Alan's Lecture caused much hilarity during the crit on our fear projects- There was pogonophobia (fear of beards), and I feel like this image depicts it rather well!

I caught Hadley very HARD at work.

Colour and composition painting... trying to be a transcription from my hoatzin photo. Apparently I got it wrong.

Playing about with a palette of colour when I got frustrated mid morning.

Worked on my illustrated book all day today, managed to design my amblongous character, make another dummy book, type up the text on a typewriter, and blow up my storyboard to put into the dummy book. So it actually looks real today! Next step, redo-ing the storyboard for an explorers journal style, and doing some spreads for the pages that hadnt worked in the last one, and putting them in the dummy book. A productive day all in all!

I went to a lecture on illustration practice and childrens book illustration, which was fun and interesting! So all good. And I went for a jog/run this evening :D

So much stuff huh?
I'll be putting up some images from my illustrated book, but I want to keep most of the finals a secret until the book is finished :)

Adios por ahora,

Stephhhhhhhh xx

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