Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Colour & Comp, Illustrated Book & Messing Around With Flowers

Well I would have told/shown you all my colour and comp work from the past few weeks, my illustrated book storyboards and so on and so forth if my computer had uploaded the photos. But no, its throwing a tantrum. So this will have to do.

Flower Specimens for the Illustrated book.

My new dress

My new friend Alfred

Messing about with a small flower in a jagermeister shot test tube.

In illustrated book news, its hit a tough patch. I cant seem to decide on what to do. I have too many ideas. Some say this is a blessing. In a way, yes, and in other ways not at all. I feel like I want to include everything and I can't. So, story goes that my explorer fellow receives a letter from his pal (another explorer) who is at the moment off the west coast of south america on a moving island. The letter tells him that he was given a bit of script by a tribal elder, and he'd like him to decipher it and join him on a quest... that the elder has given him. So, off my explorer trots, and he deciphers the text badly and its all about their journey which leads them to make a terrible pie. They present it to the tribal elders and then run away as fast as possible.

At least thats what I think my story may pan out like at this moment in time. Im being overly ambitious once again and trying to re-create something shadowing the great James Gurney, author and illustrator of Dinotopia. In much much much less time, and with far less understanding of how to paint. Welldone Steph, you do get yourself into these predicaments.
*sigh* I need help. I need to constantly be painting, trying out things, and I'm still on finalising my storyboard. Great. I mean, I'm quite ahead in terms of planning, but I can't help thinking it could all fall apart in these next few weeks.

I need to infuse my book with story-like images and then pages from a journal. I hope I can bridge the divide suitably. I think about the book quite a lot, and I have all these ideas, I just cant get them down on paper fast enough, without devoting the whole of my time to it, when I have a million other projects to do and so little time left to do them. Grrrrreat.

Anyhow... I'm alright, looking forward to Christmas and seeing friends etc etc etc. Gotta dash and get on with this. Bye!

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