Monday, 23 November 2009

Christmas Card, V&A Student Illustrator Awards & Kitchen Inspection

So I accidentally designed a little christmas card. Here we are- :)

So... Merry christmas to all in a month's time. Hope you have a good holiday!
If you're a bit bemused at how the card is christmassy...its meant to be a robin. shhhh.

In other news! I'm going to enter into the V&A student illustrator awards this year. My tutor thinks that I should go ahead and put forward some of my conceptual thinking work. So I'm putting my pogonophobia (beard fear) project in, and possibly 2 of my hybrid beetles. Exiting huh?
I also finally managed to get started on the Rhino scene for the gallery, and hope to have that finished by the weekend. Hopefully they'll sell, and that will help me with saving for Ecuador.

Kitchen inspection time at Glasney Parc Campus... I just cleaned up everyones mess because the rest of my housemates are lazy slobs and couldnt look after themselves if they tried. And theres no way I'm getting fined £20 because they can't clean their plates up and put them away after they've used them. *sigh*! Still, all done now. We shouldn't get fined. And I doubt I'll get any thanks.

Thats about it for now I think! Colour & Composition tomorrow, then Ben and Hazel arrive! Woo!

Ciao for now

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