Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Blah Blah & Blah

Alright, my computer wants to play now. So, here are some images from the past week or so.

Last night we went to the citrus cafe, and heard our lovely friend Deva play geetar for half an hour, after which it descended into a whoever wants a go on the guitar jam.

This is my horrific project for conceptual thinking this week.

This is my idea for the next conceptual thinking project- due in next week *sigh*

As promised, some storyboard spreads from my illustrated book, but these no doubt will change in the next day or so.

Colour & Comp work.
This was trying to match all the colours to be the same tone, so as when you squint you can't decipher what the image is, or distinguish any one colour from the next.
Better in person.

Tonal version transcribed from a photograph

Other tonal compositions from the same photograph

Previous weeks work on light/dark...complimentary....ah i dont know what we were meant to be doing, but this is it.

Ok, so thats it folks. I'll be taking photos of my work from last weeks life drawing class and putting that up sometime soon. Ciao for now.

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