Sunday, 29 November 2009

Inky Animals, Down with Falmouth U & Getting Ready for Home

Last night I made a little series of inkanimals. They're not very good, just intended as a bit of light fun and a loosen up. The internet hasn't been working for the past few days because of Falmouth university being bastards and redirecting the bandwidth to the university facilities. Great. What are we paying for? And whats more is that it cut me off in the middle of a conversation with Max. So that doesn't make for a very happy Steph at all. Well, its back now, as you can see. But for how long? I'm putting a petition up in the porters lodge tomorrow to campaign for a separate internet connection for Glasney Student Village.
Apart from that, I've only got a week to go, and I'm excited about going home. I'm excited by London too, but home and my dog mainly. I can't believe its only been 2 1/2 months, it feels like forever. Like a complete year. I wish!

Still, only 8 months to go til I'm back in Ecuador. Then happy happy times eh?

I like the black bear the best... I'd love to be a bear. All warm and stuff... just eating food n everything. mmm.

So I still need to go and sign myself up to Spanish class for next term, else im going to be terribly embarrassed next year. 
My storyboard for my book is FINALLY coming together. Still needs tweaking, but I know I'll want to work on it over Christmas anyway. I need to do those damn rhinos for the gallery this week! AGH! Can't someone just give me £500 for a little scrawly sketch? I guess not. Well, I'll get it into the gallery by friday. We seem to have a lot of free time this week because of assessments. Should only take me a day at the most? Fingers crossed.

I have toooo many things to juggle at the moment... but they're not different enough, so I don't want to continually be drawing.  I'm ready for some science or something. Or languages.

Care home work looms... and I'm so not enthused about going back. But its money. 
Rhinos for the gallery,
Trying to sell these damn artcards that I still have... £2 each.
Trying to sell prints that I still have... on sale at £10 each. A3.
Teaching myself to paint.
Teaching myself Spanish
Finishing uni work
Continuing with the Illustrated Book
Carrying on with my personal sketchbooks.
Doing my part in the collaborative sketchbook.
Relaxing at some point.
Trying to get fit? Bah. We'll see just how little weight I've lost since I started.
Frog Field Guide- put on the back back burner.
All these projects I want to do! But after doing the compulsory ones, im just too tired to do the other ones!

ok, thats enough of a whinge for today, so I'll catch you guys at the end of the week before I go home.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Christmas Card, V&A Student Illustrator Awards & Kitchen Inspection

So I accidentally designed a little christmas card. Here we are- :)

So... Merry christmas to all in a month's time. Hope you have a good holiday!
If you're a bit bemused at how the card is christmassy...its meant to be a robin. shhhh.

In other news! I'm going to enter into the V&A student illustrator awards this year. My tutor thinks that I should go ahead and put forward some of my conceptual thinking work. So I'm putting my pogonophobia (beard fear) project in, and possibly 2 of my hybrid beetles. Exiting huh?
I also finally managed to get started on the Rhino scene for the gallery, and hope to have that finished by the weekend. Hopefully they'll sell, and that will help me with saving for Ecuador.

Kitchen inspection time at Glasney Parc Campus... I just cleaned up everyones mess because the rest of my housemates are lazy slobs and couldnt look after themselves if they tried. And theres no way I'm getting fined £20 because they can't clean their plates up and put them away after they've used them. *sigh*! Still, all done now. We shouldn't get fined. And I doubt I'll get any thanks.

Thats about it for now I think! Colour & Composition tomorrow, then Ben and Hazel arrive! Woo!

Ciao for now

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Emotional Weather Report, The Weekend & Lounging About

Here's the new conceptual thinking project, illustrating a song by Tom Waits 'Emotional Weather Report'. Not too bad once I gave up on making myself do it in gouache.

Other than doing this all weekend, I've not done much. The weather is terrible, and so...yeah. Lounging around the flat. Watching documentaries. Eating. Sleeping. Reading. Wondering which project to start first. Attempting to draw rhinos. I'm glad the conceptual thinking project is out of the way, now I can concentrate on trying to teach myself to paint, and learn Spanish. I spoke to Max on skype for the first time, so that was nice after 5 months of just emails, its good to be able to speak again. :)

Thats it for now! Can't wait to see Ben and Hazel this week, can't wait for a thanksgiving meal, and Alan Male's lecture on evolutionary illustration! Hurrah! Good week ahead. Its life drawing this week too which always makes me happy. And I technically have a free day tomorrow because I've finished my project, so I can work on my illustrated book! Yay!!!!!

Ciao for now x

Friday, 20 November 2009

Life Drawing, Imaginive Realism & Dino Painting

I keep meaning to add in some links to some interesting sites for everyone, or add it to my page as a permanent feature in some way. I'll try and figure it out at the weekend, but here's some little gems I've found in the past: (good lectures on a variety of subjects-design, science, evolution, architecture etc) (encyclopedia of life- good source of info on flora and fauna species) (see how nature would do it... helpful with design problems)
(free online audio novels) (just because we all love beards) (amazing guy, amazing performances, watch the documentary) (amazingly inspirational)

So this is the life drawing work from last week, we had the same model again. I'm really enjoying life drawing, especially the blind contours... such crazy cool shapes!

Blind contour 10mins- please enlarge these in your browser (you can see more interesting detail)

10min blind contour

10min blind contour

10min blind contour

10min blind contour (top) compared to 10min line drawing of same pose (bottom)

30min line drawing (he's parachuting!)

quick 2 mins

1 hour tonal study charcoal

First drawing in the surroundings plus paper, then placing the model in the situation and seeing how far off our eyes are when drawing static objects.

20min line drawing

postcard from a second hand store. :)

This is what I think of visual studies. Miriam thinks the same thing too!

horrific visual studies piece on the theme of layers

start of a maquette head for my explorer of taste.

My attempt at a study of James Gurney's work, using a yellow and blue palette, subduing the background and bringing out the foreground in saturation. Still unfinished, but I'm quite pleased so far.

Well thats it for tonight I think... ta ra!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Blah Blah & Blah

Alright, my computer wants to play now. So, here are some images from the past week or so.

Last night we went to the citrus cafe, and heard our lovely friend Deva play geetar for half an hour, after which it descended into a whoever wants a go on the guitar jam.

This is my horrific project for conceptual thinking this week.

This is my idea for the next conceptual thinking project- due in next week *sigh*

As promised, some storyboard spreads from my illustrated book, but these no doubt will change in the next day or so.

Colour & Comp work.
This was trying to match all the colours to be the same tone, so as when you squint you can't decipher what the image is, or distinguish any one colour from the next.
Better in person.

Tonal version transcribed from a photograph

Other tonal compositions from the same photograph

Previous weeks work on light/dark...complimentary....ah i dont know what we were meant to be doing, but this is it.

Ok, so thats it folks. I'll be taking photos of my work from last weeks life drawing class and putting that up sometime soon. Ciao for now.

Colour & Comp, Illustrated Book & Messing Around With Flowers

Well I would have told/shown you all my colour and comp work from the past few weeks, my illustrated book storyboards and so on and so forth if my computer had uploaded the photos. But no, its throwing a tantrum. So this will have to do.

Flower Specimens for the Illustrated book.

My new dress

My new friend Alfred

Messing about with a small flower in a jagermeister shot test tube.

In illustrated book news, its hit a tough patch. I cant seem to decide on what to do. I have too many ideas. Some say this is a blessing. In a way, yes, and in other ways not at all. I feel like I want to include everything and I can't. So, story goes that my explorer fellow receives a letter from his pal (another explorer) who is at the moment off the west coast of south america on a moving island. The letter tells him that he was given a bit of script by a tribal elder, and he'd like him to decipher it and join him on a quest... that the elder has given him. So, off my explorer trots, and he deciphers the text badly and its all about their journey which leads them to make a terrible pie. They present it to the tribal elders and then run away as fast as possible.

At least thats what I think my story may pan out like at this moment in time. Im being overly ambitious once again and trying to re-create something shadowing the great James Gurney, author and illustrator of Dinotopia. In much much much less time, and with far less understanding of how to paint. Welldone Steph, you do get yourself into these predicaments.
*sigh* I need help. I need to constantly be painting, trying out things, and I'm still on finalising my storyboard. Great. I mean, I'm quite ahead in terms of planning, but I can't help thinking it could all fall apart in these next few weeks.

I need to infuse my book with story-like images and then pages from a journal. I hope I can bridge the divide suitably. I think about the book quite a lot, and I have all these ideas, I just cant get them down on paper fast enough, without devoting the whole of my time to it, when I have a million other projects to do and so little time left to do them. Grrrrreat.

Anyhow... I'm alright, looking forward to Christmas and seeing friends etc etc etc. Gotta dash and get on with this. Bye!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Get it OFF, Imaginative Realism & A Week of Frustration

The start of a collaborative sketchbook between me and Even (classmate from illustration)
It started with me giving Even a phrase to illustrate, and then I asked him to give me a phrase which related to his image, but not the previous sentence. So, our sketchbook will evolve, and I hope you enjoy it!

Even's first page

My first page

I just bought Imaginative Realism by James Gurney. I had no choice. Really. He forced me too. Ah I'm so bad. I promise I will start saving my moneys more. Promise. No more food, ever! Heh, well maybe 3 times a day.

This week has been a frustrating one all in all, what with me getting no work done on Monday, very little done on Tuesday in Colour & Comp, resulting in transcription homework, a bit of work done on Wednesday on my book, but much confusion/doubt ensuing a talk with Rachel, life drawing on Thursday but a few measured drawings (makes me too rigid) and some work with charcoal, which brings my mood crashing to the floor. I can't stand charcoal when used with tone. Maybe one day I'll learn to use it properly. Who knows. Today, I also got no work done. So, a week of nothing but a whole load of stress. I got woken up at 3am this morning because of her flatmates screaming in the hall. Bah. This weekend will be one of much joyous work. I hope. Going to start on the Savannah scene, I promise myself! Gotta get it done and in the gallery in hope of extra money. When people are looking to spend money at christmas.
I have to complete another project for conceptual on Monday, which should be fun seeing as its on A3, and I haven't got all the linework done yet. Still. I'll get it done somehow. Start it tomorrow, fingers crossed I'll finish it tomorrow too. Colour & Comp work too. Then I can do whatever artwork I want! :D

Ok, thats it for now!

Monday, 9 November 2009

A Foray Into the Completely Digital, Anarchy in the Woods & Abdominal Pains

Today i wanted to try painting using a flesh tone palette, and it turned into a completely digital foray, no sketching out first, just blocking in colour then detail. Feels good! My first ever completely digital piece. I was surprised at how it turned out! Very happy with this piece. It has settled my restlessness a bit anyway. More paint tomorrow with Colour & Comp.

Went for a walk in the woods with Hassan and Sophie, very nice it was too, they rode in a shopping cart, we scared bunnies, and wore some lovely hats. Then hot choccie in the Stannary.

In other news, I have a pain in my abdoment that just wont budge at the moment. :( I have no idea what it could be. If it isn't gone by the end of the week, I'll see the nurse.

So, over and out for now! Happy Ecuadorian Smiles!