Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sketchdump, Conceptual Thinking & Home for the Weekend

I realised recently that I haven't scanned my life drawing sketchbook in at all really, so I scanned it in, and this is what there is to show for that hour of my life wasted. :D

There is also the series of life drawings the models name i won't mention, lest he be utterly embarrassed, but I doubt anyone he knows will read it anyway.

And here's a piece I did for conceptual thinking this week- we were given an image from an argos catalogue, and then we could choose from 4 themes. Then we had to come up with an illustration to marry the two. I got a kettle, and I chose friendship. Here's the outcome:
I've also been indulging in some frivolous drawing outside the confines of illustration within class. Some interesting results... and more to come:

Stag Beetle & Rhinoceros Beetle.

Today I had a whole day of life drawing class, I experimented a little and came up with a really good combination of colours that I call the master medley. Towards the end of the day I had run out of steam, despite being fueled by strawberry cheesecake from the canteen. Photos to come in the next blog.

I dropped off some originals to the 'arcs of fire' gallery, and he'll keep them in the stock room to sell on. So fingers crossed that he does sell them before July! I'm going to attempt to get into the illustration gallery in town with my crossbreed animals. We shall see how it goes!

And for the moment, I do believe that that is that.

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