Saturday, 31 October 2009

Pogonophobia, The Mist & A Day of Chores

I finally got down to doing my project on Pogonophobia- the fear of beards. I think it turned out alright! I might make an adjustment to the background colour, i dont know yet. I spent the day working on this, sewing, cooking up the last of the vegetables before they went bad, and making them into something edible... I have enough food frozen now for the next 2 weeks at least. Crazy!
I did some hand washing, and its all on the radiator drying :)

Lets see what else... not much! Im currently dressed up in my halloween gear, photos from the night coming soon.

Apart from that, I have an essay that I'll try and write tomorrow, finish the beetle animal project, and start an african savannah scene for the gallery.

Ciao for now! Happy Halloween!

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