Friday, 30 October 2009

Life Drawing, The Mist Descends & All Hallows Eve

Here's a dump of all the life drawing I've done over the first 2 sessions. Whole day sessions, every other week. At first it was arduous, and still can be, but with a lot of shoulder massaging, and perseverance, I find it quite enjoyable. Its nice to be under instruction again, and the results have dramatically improved from what I was doing a few years ago. Oh those naive days. And I suspect I'll probably look back on these some day, and go... 'Oh those naive days'. But there we are, these are, to the best of my ability, Life drawings. I will fill people in on The Mist & Halloween in the next blog, as I'm far too tired to do any more to this one!

Red Chalk Pencil- Line Study- 1/2 hour

Blind Contour Drawings-(Set of 3) 10mins- HB Pencil

Red Chalk Pencil- Measured Line- 20mins-1/2 hour

Red Chalk Pencil- Line Drawing- 20mins- 1/2 hour

Tonal Study- Charcoal- 35mins

Line study- 2 pencils- 35mins

Series of 2 minute Poses- Blue Pencil

Measured Line (My most hated exercise)- 20mins

Measured Line- 20mins

1st session- no restrictions on what medium/type of exercise... varying lengths from 2mins to 1 hour.

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